How To Make Friends At College

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A healthy social life is a vital aspect of the college experience. Having a strong social circle can help you through the tough times, like the stress of finals week, and dealing with unpleasant professors. Plus, it’s nice to have classmates to study with. Here are a few tips to help you break the ice and score new friends on campus.

Target A Classmate

One of the easiest ways to make a new friend at college is by chatting up the person sitting next to you. If it’s your first day of school, ask people where they went to high school and where they are originally from. Find out what you have in common. Most people are more than eager to talk about themselves and all you have to do is be a good listener. It’s a good idea to make a few contacts in every class and get their phone numbers if possible. This way you can give them a call if you happen to absent and find out what you missed on in class and what your homework assignment is.

Join School Activities And Clubs

All colleges generally offer extracurricular activities that students can join such as Science club, Math club and Spanish club. Joining a group can be a great way to further other interests or even immerse yourself in your major even further. By meeting other students in your major, you'll have a great opportunity to network with people you can work with in the future. It’s also a great way to expand your social circle since you will be surrounded by people with the same interest. Participation in clubs and organizations can be added to your resume and shows prospective employer that you are a well-rounded individual, and willing to put in more time than what's required.

Online Students Need Friends Too

Are you attending an online university and taking all of your classes via the internet? Just because you’re not attending school physically doesn’t mean you should skip out when it comes to making friends. Try getting acquainted with others who are taking the same course and communicate with them via Skype or Google Chat. Some online colleges offer a community chat board where students can communicate about coursework and just about anything else.

One New Person Each Day

Try to meet at least one new person every day. It could be someone sitting in your class or perhaps another student in the cafeteria or library. The more positive your attitude is, the more people will be drawn to you. Smile often and look approachable. Simply move on if the person doesn’t want to talk or socialize and talk to the next person; never take it personally.

Written by Jacqueline Starz - An author who enjoys writing about education and the college lifestyle.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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