Ideas for College Students this Summer

by Aiden Jefferson

It’s summer time and the living is easy. You are done with your college classes for now and you have all the time in the world to chill and soak in the sun. That being said, you don’t really won’t to waste your time do you? Here are some ways not to.

Get a job. Yes this is probably the most obvious and least exciting thing you can think of, but a summer job can be a big bonus to you later on. Besides earning some badly needed money, a summer job can help set you up for success later on. Try to find a job in a field you are interested in or one that allows you to network and make connections with people who can help you once you graduate. Many students just settle for life at the grocery store or pool and miss out on their chance to do something more intentional.

Read a book list. You may have had enough reading already during the course of your studies but reading books is a great way to spend the summer. Make a list of books you have always wanted to read and have it. These don’t all have to be wordy Victorian classics, instead you can be creative. If you like music, read biographies of your favorite musicians. If you like sports then read about your favorite players or team. You can even go with comic books or make a theme like a summer spy series. Worst-comes-to-worst form a book club with your friends and discuss what you have read. You can even throw in some tea and biscuits to add that Victorian feel.

Have a movie marathon. You may have heard of a Mad Men marathon where people dress in 60’s attire and drink scotch while watching the award winning TV series? Well do the same for movies. Pick a theme or genre and watch movies you have always wanted to see. Host a party to match it as well.

Horror movies are an obvious choice but you can be more specific. You could pick all vampire flicks (except Twilight) or all zombie films. Decorating would be easy because it would be like Halloween. Serve “finger food” and red punch for fun. There are plenty of other themes as well. You could do a 1980’s movie marathon and watch Brat pack films like “Pretty in Pink” or “Sixteen Candles.” Play 1980’s music and dress in your old school best. You could even play 80’s trivia or download some old 80’s video games like Frogger or Pac Man to top it off.

So see? Soon the summer will be over and you will have to return to your online university courses. Until then, make the most of your free time.

This post was written by Aiden Jefferson

Aiden Jefferson roams about and writes in the O.C. He writes about life, college and pop culture. One example of a online school to return to is Trident University.

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