Making Your Community College Online Degree Stand Out

by A Guest Author

Decades ago, it may have been somewhat true that employers didn't value online degrees as much as they did traditional degrees. Today, that couldn't be further from the truth. Employers in today's world understand that a degree earned from an online university is just as valuable, and just as much a sign of accomplishment as any other degree.

But, when you apply for jobs in a tough job market, you want to make sure your resume stands out. If you have earned an online degree, that means making sure your employer sees it for what it is: a qualification, accomplishment and a characteristic not every applicant has.

Name Names

If you've earned your degree from a well-known institution, brag about it. Instead of just listing the type of degree you earned, list the school you earned it from. This will help give your degree credibility, and therefore help you stand out from the crowd.

This tactic also helps dispel any fears that your degree might be legitimate. Unfortunately, there are people and organizations that try to pass of fake degrees as the real thing. Listing your school's name on your resume will ensure the employer understands your degree is legitimate.

Be Specific

Don't just say you earned your degree in business. If your major was an emphasis in a certain area, include that. If not, include areas that you studies or took classes in. For example, as an accounting major, you may have focused on areas like taxes or international accounting practices. These details may just give you an edge over your competition. Employers like to know that you have the specific skills necessary to get the job done, and details about your degree will tell them you do.

Show Recognitions

Did you earn other recognitions, besides your degree, when you were in college? If so, show them off! If you were on the dean's list, were awarded industry-related scholarships or won other awards, be sure to list them on your resume. These accomplishments show that you were involved in college, and have a real passion for the subject.

Talk About Student Groups

Often times, people assume that since you earned your degree online, you weren't involved as a student. This is hardly ever the case. If you participated in student clubs or industry associations as a student, be sure to show that on your resume. Again, these accomplishments show your ambition and passion.

An online degree is just as credible as a traditional degree. Today, most employers already know that, but you can help show off your credentials by brushing up your resume with these strategies.

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