Motivation For Community College Transfers: The Most Educated People Alive

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The next time you think that attending a 2 yr college and transferring to university is difficult, you may just think back to this post and remember how much education a select few others have accomplished in their life. Surely, any community college transfer student will find an associates degree rewarding in the end, but maybe just one is enough.

For most people, the purpose of getting a community college education is to get a good job and although you might enjoy your course if it's a subject you're really into, it's more likely that you're eager to get to the actual job. You and I may feel this way but not so for the five people on this list. Either these are the most motivated people in the world . . . or they're the most UNmotivated ones, we'll leave you to decide as you meet:

Michael Nicholson

Mike's currently 67 years of age and at this stage he's amassed a mind numbing 27 different degrees including:

  • two associate’s degrees
  • 19 master’s degrees
  • three specialist degrees
  • and a PhD

Despite being arguably the most obsessed person in the world, Nicholson is actually married. How did he pull this off? Well, she has seven degrees herself. Nicholson has been collecting degrees since 1963 and just never ended up slowing down - he's currently working on two more qualifications. At least we know that Mr and Mrs Nicholsons' sink clogs up that one of them is likely able to fix it.

R.K. Rai

If it's true that a lack of education leads to poverty which leads to crime then it's all Dr Rai's fault for not letting anyone else get a chance at an education. Since he was a wee lad this now 65 year old academic vampire has siphoned all knowledge from a massive variety of educators to achieve a record of over 30 degrees (read ‘em and weep Mike), namely:

  • 23 MAs
  • five PhDs
  • three D. Litts

Although now retired (from being a professional . . . literate person, I suppose) he refuses to stop - despite several threatening letters from  the Nicholsons' and unemployed people everywhere.

Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy

The determined Dr. Sainbhy has stolen the meaning of both of the men’s lives above as well as depressed people who never finished high school the world over. With over 35 degrees to his name collecting dust for him on a wall somewhere, the good doctor has spent the vast majority of his life in a classroom somewhere.

This man's very existence is enough to depress computers and Wikipedia since he's amassed, among others:

  • 15 masters degrees
  • five post-graduate diplomas
  • a bachelor of law
  • several bachelor’s degrees

As inspiring as all of this learning might be, I'd still rather hang out with Hawking and Einstein who have and had around one degree each and turned out to be a lot more useful to science.

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Vivian October 17, 2012 at 10:09 pm

These guys do waaaay too much school.


Chad Agrawal October 18, 2012 at 9:13 pm

Haha, yea I think so too.


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