No Snow at College

by A Guest Author

Sometimes it is very hard to remember that the U.S. is so big in terms of land mass. With 300 million of us moving around the country and traveling through time zones and weather conditions. My home town is a beautiful little place and has great people, but it has one small drawback. It rains and rains and when it does not rain it snows. There is no chance of ever wearing a bikini or even trying to walk around without a coat.

Now I have started college in California and the biggest shock is the weather. I can get used to people being louder than what I am used too. I love the style and colors of clothes and the freedom the people here seem to have. Fantastic.

I arrived with my thick unfashionable coat and my three pairs of gloves along with two ridiculous boots and even one of those tea cosey hats to keep out the chilling winds. Those winds use to almost rip my ears off at home and were essential to my well-being.

Now as this is my first time away from home I just sort of assume that the weather would be the sort of the same from where I have come from. Now I have two suitcases of totally useless clothes for my college. On day one I had to go back to my room within an hour and take off my thick cardigan because I was beginning to sweat like a pig around my new soon to be friends. These new friends must think I am so stupid.

Last night a few of us went out to a local bar for a get to know you drink. It was nine pm so of course I wore my nice thick coat. The short walk there had me sweating again. My fellow students were all wearing light t shirts or blouses and I was the only that looked like a younger version of Mrs. Doubtfire. The other problem with a coat is that you look like you are carrying more pounds than you really are. Not great for pulling the guys.

I decided to tell everyone that night how stupid I had been with my clothes and I told the guys I only had these thick style clothes and nothing summery at all. After the laughter and leg-pulling I was so pleased that they all decided to use me as a charity case and donate some more suitable clothes to my wardrobe.

Of course nothing comes free in the world of fashion. For every item donated that I wear I have to do someone’s homework or essay editing as a form of payment. I do not really have a choice as I am a little short on funds to buy new. So my new image will be down to my ability to help people with essay editing. I wonder what I would have to do to get a car?

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Sally Ann Marie is not studying geography or climate change. Sally now understands just how big the States really are.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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