Reading the Classics at College

by A Guest Author

Sorry to say but I am probably one of the worse people to read the so called classic books of our times. I prefer the books that are a few years old only and therefore I can relate not only to the story but also the surroundings and modern day references. This allows me to get into a book very quickly and helps avoid the boredom that I often suffer from when reading what is called the “classics”.

One of the books I have tried to read several times over the last few years in the scarlet letter. But I have only ever got half way through the book and I just have lost the ability to turn over another page. This goes for anything with the name Shakespeare on it and nearly all the so called classic writers from Wordsworth to even our very own Mark Twain. I know to a lot of you I have just uttered words of sacrilege.

I know my teachers are thoroughly annoyed and disappointed in me. I never seem to be able to motivate myself on such books, but give me a book of about five years old and younger and I seem to thrive on it. Of course school is always hundreds of years behind the real time when selecting books for us to read and report back on.

So guys I have to admit here something shameful and absolutely disgusting to most of you reading this right now. I cheat. Yep, I cheat. I use external essay editing companies to write up the summaries for the books I am supposed to read and understand. I then read the summary and learn it 100percent and I get great marks. I know it is a shortcut, but if I did not do this I just would not read the books and I would not get my required grades. So, yes, it is a means to an end and a shortcut and maybe even a little bit of a deception.

The truth is that if you go to one of those national companies they really do produce great work, and I do write some of the documents so it gives the teachers a hint of my own style. I never ask a friend or somebody I know as you have no idea what you are going to get. I would not know if they were jerking me around or just making mistakes that I would never see.

The scarlet letter was m last article I put in and I scored really well with its guys I would strongly recommend using these services. It does not have to be every time like me, but try and use them when you are really under huge pressure.

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Liam Harris is still using the services of essay editing companies and really still sings their praises.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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