Safety Tips For New University Students

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Starting college is an exciting adventure. When you are prepared with some safety tips, college can be a wonderful experience.

Locks Are An Essential Part Of College Life

When you are away at school, locks should be a part of your overall safety plan. This is a topic you may not have thought about before. If locks are to be effective, you need to know they are in working condition, and use them regularly.

Whether you are living in a dorm, or in off-campus housing, keep your doors locked. Develop the habit of locking the door when you enter and exit, as well as every time another person enters or exits. Windows should also be locked whenever you are not in the room.

If you own a car, make sure the locks on the doors work properly. Whether you are in the car or not, keep it locked. Locked doors can ensure your safety while driving, and prevent theft when you are away from your car.

The Buddy System Is Not Only For Children

Never walk alone at night, or through isolated areas. If you remember the buddy system from when you were a child, it is equally appropriate for college students.

When you have one or more friends with you, you are much less likely to become a victim. Even your college campus is not completely safe. You may only be walking as far as the library, snack bar, or a friend's dorm, but having someone accompany you can prevent crime.

Use Your Electronic Devices Sensibly

Electronic devices are convenient and fun. They can also prevent you from noticing your surroundings. When you are making phone calls or sending text messages, stay aware of people who are around you.

Music can also take your mind off your surroundings. If you jog, walk, or sit in public places, it is better to not use earphones or similar accessories. They make it difficult to notice when someone is approaching you.

Always Carry A Cell Phone When You Are A College Student

Cell phones are not only for talking with your friends and calling your parents. When you are in college, a cell phone is your chance to reach help if you are ever in an emergency situation. Make sure your phone is fully charged when you leave your apartment or dorm.

If you have car trouble, notice someone is following you, or encounter any other type of dangerous situation, do not hesitate to call the police. When you are in danger, do not call a friend, or try to deal with the situation yourself. Never feel embarrassed to call for help.

Do Not Accept Beverages Or Food From People You Do Not Know

A college campus is often a place where individuals take advantage of others. You may believe your college is safe, but it does not guarantee you will never be in this position. You should not take the chance of someone drugging your refreshments.

Whether you are at a party or some other setting in college, do not eat or drink anything that is offered to you, unless you know and trust the person. Trickery is common, and the consequences can range from minor problems to life-threatening situations. Adhering to this safety tip can prevent bodily harm, theft, and may even save your life.

The time you spend at college can be fun. If you take these precautions seriously, you do not need to be afraid. You can enjoy your college years without any unnecessary threats to your safety. You can have a good time, and enjoy the best years of your life.

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