Starting University? Choose the Right Accommodation

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Making sure you have the right accommodation in your first year of university is important for your educational and social needs. If you live somewhere too small and out of the way, then chances are you’ll find it harder to meet new people. If you live somewhere too big, then the constant noise of a house full of students and partying may interrupt your learning. If you’re more sociable then you’ll want shared kitchens, bathrooms and living areas. On the other hand, if you’re the quiet type, you may prefer to live with a smaller group of people, surrounded by comforts such as your own en-suite. Whatever your preference, all universities cater for a variety of needs, from double beds to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Freshman

Most universities are able to provide a range of accommodation for first year students. Whether it’s on campus through halls of residence or outside the university in the surrounding areas, there are many options for freshman, from apartments to houses. In the last few years, as universities have teamed up with the private sector, the number of student bed spaces over the country has doubled. This highlights the growing importance of student accommodation, and the continued initiatives to sustain an ever growing student population.

The Options

Third parties can offer secure and affordable rooms combined with a wide range of payment options. At the more expensive end of the scale, this type of student housing is of high quality. However, there are some accommodation providers that won’t live up to these high standards.

Try coming to university with an open mind about living arrangements, as fast internet access, en-suite bathrooms, satellite TV and modern kitchens won’t be standard features in many halls. Some of the best places to meet new friends are the large communal areas that everyone shares; you might find a study partner whilst cooking your beans!

Private Accommodation

It is not recommended that first year students find private accommodation. University halls are structured so you’re able to move in as quickly as possible, slowly introducing you to living expenses and other financial outgoings. Halls also offer meal packages, such as catered and self-catering. Catered accommodation may prove a little more expensive, however you’ll be guaranteed your meals which will reduce costs in the long run. There are also packages available tailored to the individual, like pay-as-you-go eating and dietary requirement options.

If you rent privately however, large deposits and your first month’s rent are required up front, as well as references from previous landlords. University property is upgraded more frequently then private rented living, so you’ll probably find yourself in possession of the latest flat screen TV instead of waiting months for a private landlord to fork out.  Furthermore, you’re less likely to find other first year students in private accommodation, placing you at a social disadvantage.

If you’re a first year student, residence halls are definitely the way to go. Mixed accommodation introduces you to many different people, and with some halls accommodating for up to 800 students, you’re more likely to integrate into the university lifestyle a lot easier.

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This post was written by A Guest

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