5 Tips To Survive Final Exams In College

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Get over the stress of community college or university exams

The exam period at the end of the year can be a stressful time for any 2 year community college or 4 year university student. More than just the end of the academic year, which heralds a lot of change by itself, the exams placed on most students under a great deal of pressure.

With so much to handle, it helps to know how to reduce or remove the emotional distress this pressure can cause. Here are five tips to help you cope with the busy exam period by creating a stress free exam period:

1. Plan ahead

More than just your exams, you should have a rough schedule of everything that’s happening during this time. This includes devising a revision schedule and organizing your plans for the summer. Planning ahead gives you the chance to organize your time effectively and calmly, preventing you from feeling overwhelmed.

2. Take breaks

Don't forget to take a rest every now and then. Sitting at a computer or revision notes all day can easily build up stress, and you won’t retain as much information because of it. By taking regular breaks you’ll both reduce stress and improve the quality of your revision. Scientists have found that exercise helps focus the mind, so take a brisk walk to re-energizer after a focused period at your desk.

3. Sort moving plans

It’s the end of the academic year, so you're probably concerned about moving halls or into a new house. Moving can be a big worry but by taking care of this early and finding decent storage facilities for your possessions, you can remove this problem before your exam period even begins. You'll know your stuff is safe for the summer; giving you one less thing to worry about in the exam room.

4. Socialize

Never underestimate the importance of a friendly face. Whilst revising or in exams you're often alone; so take time in between your exams to talk to other people. Whether you combine this with a group study session or not is up to you but it’s important you interact with others in order to reduce your stress levels.

5. Don't panic

It may sound obvious but a lot of stress is caused by panic. By taking a deep breath and dealing with things calmly, you can remove a large portion of stress. Doing this as soon as possible also stops various problems from building up and escalating into a greater issue, allowing you to face your exams with a calm and relaxed demeanor.

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Dan Douglas is a student blogger.  For more details about how to cut down on the stress during exam time, check out great student storage rates, create a calendar of your schedule, and remember to get enough sleep.

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