Surviving the First Day at a New Job

by Eugene Calvini

Overcoming the New Job Nerves

So it’s your first day at a new job and you’ve got the usual tentative mixture of excitement and anxiety. However if you’re after some control over the experience there are a few step you can take to make the transition as pleasant as possible. With a bit of grit and indomitable will you can make new jobs in London, Tokyo or wherever an easy transition and a great first impression.

Mentally and Practically Prepare

The first thing you’ll want to do is be as prepared mentally and practically as possible. This probably goes without saying because when you’re about to start a new job, it’s natural to prepare but whether you’re doing this the right way or not is a big factor to consider. Wasted effort actually only adds to the nerves of a new job so the key is measured effort. Things you can do to make the day more comfortable is set your mind on what you’re going to wear the night before and set it out. If you’re unsure about what the new job etiquette is for clothing, always err on the side of caution since you can always step up after and adjust after the first day without giving away a bad first impression. Have a decent night’s sleep and set aside a few hours to get in a decent breakfast; feeling confident means feeling fulfilled.

Relax and Overcome Nerves

The next step is perhaps the biggest challenge when overcoming new job challenges; relax. Being relaxed can make your transition easier for many reasons but an important one being you become more approachable. If we put ourselves in the shoes of our new colleagues, it may be just as nerve-wracking to have a new team member on board although the advantage of home turf is definitely on their side. Imagine someone new shows up but they seem incredibly on edge and out of place; it will take a special person to overcome the risks of upsetting someone and reach out while most won’t bother. Relaxing as you come into a new job is one of the essentials to making those first few days comfortable for yourself and those around you.

Participate and Ask Questions

Finally be prepare and unashamed to ask a lot of questions. Everyone wishes to ace their new job with little help but even if you actually don’t need the help, you’re excluding yourself from finding out more about your new colleagues and the general environment you find yourself in. Asking questions is getting involved and getting involved is key to assimilating yourself strongly into your new job.

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