Ten iPad Apps For Educators

by A Guest Author

Here is the list of the (Top) ten iPad apps for educators.  We’ve put Top in the brackets since it is impossible to test more than 200,000 education related apps that you can find in the Apple store. So, let’s look at this list as a list of the most talked about.

Intro to Letters

First things first, and that’s introducing your child with the letters. This app comes in 4 different languages (Spanish, English, German and French) and features sleek design and ease of use. Your kid will be able to write, read and develop motor skills in no time.

MindSnacks (learn different languages)

Once you have mastered your native language you can move forward with other languages (MindSnacks are currently offering apps for Italian, Spanish, Chinese, French and German). This game-like learning app is something that will keep your attention till the last lesson (there are 50 lessons to learn from).

Color uncovered

This app is free and it’s so much fun to use. These 2 characteristics are what this app is about. You can bet that you will spend a lot of free time playing (and learning) around with this app   since it looks great and it keeps your grey cells working all the time.


There are apps for education and there are Apps for education. Well this one belongs to the second group. How to explain this app without making a mistake? The easiest way to do that is to say that this is some kind of free library where you can get the information on pretty much anything you’re interested in; everything from chemistry and biology all the way to history and philosophy. Could it be better- Yes! Will it get better over time- Probably.

How to Make Origami

The title says it all. If you hated those people that knew how to make an elephant out of the paper the time has come to show them they’re not smarter than you. Download this app for free and start folding the papers.


Do you like watching people talking inspirational stuff?  Well, you can lay back, relax and enjoy over 1,000 inspirational speeches (Videos). Some may say that those are the most fascinating people of our times and if nothing else you may get an idea for a next tech-startup or how to write a great song.

NASA app

If you are into stars and moons this is the next step for you on iTunes. Download it, enjoy almost 160,000 images and watch the solar system unfold in front of your eyes. Image library is being updated constantly and beside this you will be able to listen at Third Rock radio and to watch NASA TV.

Merck PTE HD

What is hiding behind this name is probably the best looking period table of elements you can have. Imagine how great it will look on your iPad’s huge touch screen. But this is much more than a great looking table. It offers in-depth information about all the elements which are useful for both teachers and students.

3D Brain

There are 2 cool things in the title of this app- 3D and Brain. If you like 3D presentations and you would like to see how the brain works, this is probably the best brain related app in the app store.  Besides being awesome this app is free as well.



No matter if you are into astronomy or not, this app will blow your mind away with its stunning features, beautiful sky constellations, 3D visualization, diagrams, animations… If your child would like to learn a little bit about universe, here is the great opportunity to do that from the comfort of your home.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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