The benefits of a TEFL course

by A Guest Author

TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) courses are available for anyone who can speak English at a native or near-native level. No experience is necessary at all. There are hundreds of placements (both paid and voluntary) across the globe. There are varying contract durations (short term and long term), excellent extras in some cases – flight reimbursements, accommodation provision and insurance – and a variety of course options. TEFL is a great option for students, or for those who want to do something worthwhile, beneficial and a bit different.

Courses can be completed entirely online, and a TEFL qualification can allow for travel during vacation periods or as part of a gap year. There are destinations all over the world, and wages can be very good in paid positions - enough to live comfortably wherever you decide to go. You could even teach from the comfort of your own home if travelling doesn’t appeal, as an increased global demand for learning the English language online means there are a variety of different options.

It’s not just a travel option; it can provide you with valuable work experience. The many different attributes that can be gained through working as an English teacher will really boost your resume –college admission officers as well as employers and recruiters recognise the important of such experience. Confidence, communication-skills, awareness, cultural-sensitivity, self-sufficiency and understanding are just a few of the skills that can be attained from working as an English teacher. There’s nothing to lose by learning, earning, travelling and having fun.

Wherever you go, you will return having undergone vast self-development, without even realising it. You’ll have a fresh outlook on life and will have gained an important set of life skills. Ultimately, though, you will have had the time of your life.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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