The Best Laptops for Students: Mac or PC?

by Chad Agrawal

pc-vs-macPeople have their own personal preferences when it comes to the computer they use. Some people are known as “PC people,” while others are known as “MAC people.” It really depends on which interface and operating system you are most comfortable with. For a lot of people it depends on what they grew up using. Whatever computer you are most comfortable with is what you should be using, especially if you are a student. Since most colleges now require their students to have laptops with them in class, it is important that students are comfortable with using them. Whether a student prefers a Mac or PC, both fulfill the same purposes. You can be mobile with them, go on the internet, use word processing software and make PowerPoint presentations. These are the kinds of things students use laptops for in school and both the Mac and PC can do these things. It all depends on which the student prefers using.

Besides comfort, some people will say a Mac is actually better than a PC and can function in ways that PCs cannot. Others might say PCs are better than Macs. Well let’s examine the qualities of both. PC laptops are usually much cheaper than Mac laptops. This is a plus for students living on a fixed budget. PCs are also customizable for upgrades, like with the RAM. A typical Mac Notebook has its RAM soldered into the logic board making it impossible to replace. Macs also come with preinstalled software for things like word processing, photo editing, film editing and so on. With PCs, you have to purchase this software separately. Some people like having it already installed while others prefer to choose their software.

So what does it boil down to? If you are someone who likes upgrading their computer with different software and hardware like FireBubble, then PC is for you. If you like everything organized for you when you purchase your laptop, including the hardware and software, then you will want a Mac Notebook. But for a student a PC laptop is definitely the best choice. It is affordable, customizable and easy to navigate. Plus if you cannot afford the expensive software to install on it there are many free programs on the internet that you can install as substitutes. For example, WordPerfect is a free word processing program that you can use if you cannot afford to purchase Microsoft Word. It may not have as many features, but you can type and print with it just the same. For school, that is all you need. It is really up to you.

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