Top Tips for Acing a College Exam

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Want to ace your college exams? Of course you do. Here are some tips for passing any exam with relative ease, so pay attention!

Keep Up with Class

If you want to ace your exam, you have to start preparing for it from the very first class. You do this by keeping up with class assignments and recommended reading. Read everything you’re told to. When you follow the reading schedule, you’ll pick up important information that will help you on any future tests, and you’ll simply learn and remember things better by doing it right the first time.

Study Smart - Don’t Cram

The only way to ensure you do well on your exam is to study and study hard. Do not ever attempt to just cram the night before. Pace your studying by do it throughout the week (or longer for more important, involved exams). Study a little bit each day, and focus on and review the areas where you need the most help. Use all your materials, from class notes to handouts to textbooks. If you can find a friend, study with a partner.

Review Early

Wake up early on the day of your exam and review key points. You should always arrive early for your exam. If you get there early enough, you can review right up until the minute the test starts.

Write Things Down Immediately

If there are things you’re having a hard time remembering, write them down somewhere on the test as soon as it starts. No – I don’t mean cheating in any way. Just write down what you remember at the beginning so you don’t have to worry about recalling it later. This is especially helpful for mathematical or scientific formulas. Instead of remembering them every time you need to use them, just look back to where you wrote them down in the beginning.

Skim the Exam

Before you begin, take a quick look at the entire exam so you know what’s ahead and what it entails. You can look for sections or questions that are easiest and do those first. If there is a highly-weighted essay question at the end, and there usually is, you might want to consider starting there.

Pace Yourself

Know how much time you have to complete the exam, and try to sit in view of the clock or wear a watch. Don’t stress yourself out by looking at the time constantly, just use it as a general guideline to keep yourself going at a decent pace.
Skip Questions You Don’t Know

If you’re unsure of a question or it’s too hard, skip it and come back to it at the end. Don’t waste time trying to figure it out when there are other things you can do without delay.

Read the Directions

Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to carefully and thoroughly read all directions. You don’t want to get something wrong just because you accidentally misunderstood what the professor was asking for. If you’re not sure, ask for clarification before proceeding.

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