What to Expect from Your Online Health Administration Program

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The first step to becoming a successful healthcare administrator is earning your Bachelor’s degree, but attending a traditional campus-based university might not be a good fit for your lifestyle. The stresses of kids, fulltime employment and a spouse can make adding the necessity of attending on-campus lectures to this already strained equation a near impossibility. Many are finding their salvation lies in online education, which provides you with the flexibility and personalization to succeed. If you’re considering earning any number of online healthcare administration degrees, here are a few courses you can expect to encounter while obtaining your Bachelor’s, and how to remain focused on your studies.

Common Online Healthcare Administration Courses

In general, the majority of online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration programs will focus on a variety of subjects, including ethics, management technology and basic healthcare practices. More specifically, here are a few courses you might find yourself taking as you strive to obtain your Bachelor’s degree:

  • Health Services Organization – This core class helps students understand how various entities and facilities, from small clinics to multi-million dollar hospitals, determine a patient’s healthcare needs and structure their operations.
  • Leadership – Students will encounter any number of leadership courses, the majority of which will discuss the nature of professionalism and how to be an effective administrator.
  • Health Economics – A large part of a healthcare administrator’s job description is the economics of healthcare, which includes determining an institution’s budget. Health economics helps students understand the role of insurance in making healthcare decisions and several other topics, including consumerism and other economics theories.
  • Public Policy – The impact of governmental regulations and public perception is constantly evolving, and a course in public policy will help students understand how these two factors will affect their decision making process.
  • Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare Administration – Healthcare administrators are faced with a variety of legal and ethical dilemmas on an almost daily basis. From patient’s rights and hospital liability to billing ethics and patient information disclosure. A student will find a course dealing with the legal and ethical aspects of their chosen field invaluable.
  • Medical Office Management – This course will prepare students to handle the overwhelming managerial demands placed on them while working as a healthcare administrator, including decision-making, productivity and communication.
  • Human Resources Management – Many healthcare administrators are charged with recruiting, hiring, retaining and firing the hospital, clinic or nursing home staff. A course in human resources management helps prepare students to deal with this demanding and time consuming aspect of their job description.
  • Information Technology – More and more, healthcare administrators are expected to remain abreast of the latest advancements in the field, including medical billing, coding and implementing new strategies to manage patient files.

How to Succeed in Your Online Program

There are a variety of reasons people choose to study healthcare administration through an online university. From the course’s flexibility and opportunity to continue working fulltime to the decreased cost; you may have your own reasons to pursue your dream of earning a degree through online education. Be aware that online studies aren’t for everyone, and it requires dedication and self-control to succeed. If you’re beginning your Bachelor’s program online, here are a few ways to ensure you get the most from your studies:

  • Budget Your Time Wisely – Be prepared to make your schooling a priority, but also remain flexible and creative when it comes time to study. This could be hitting the books after your kids go to bed, or during your train ride to work.
  • Designate a Quiet Study Area – Many busy parents fall into the trap of studying amidst the chaos of a shared family room. When it comes time to hunker down, step away from your noisy life and instead study in a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Know When to Ask for Help – Your instructor or professor is more accessible than you might think, so don’t hesitate to ask for clarification or assistance, no matter how insignificant the question.
  • Set Realistic Goals – Give yourself a daily or weekly goal, and stick to it. Don’t overwhelm yourself and instead set realistic goals that you can easily accomplish.

Your online health administration degree will prepare you for a variety of healthcare management careers, so don’t limit yourself. Explore your options, and don’t be surprised when you land a job you never even considered before entering university.

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Jackson Miller is currently earning his Master’s in Healthcare Management through an online university. He is actively seeking employment in the field, and cannot wait to see how his advanced degree will affect his future.

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