3 Of The Best Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraising can represent an opportunity to experiment with different ideas, and to create a great event that can showcase your charity. As one of the most demanding of Charity Jobs, organising a fundraiser does, however, involve having to juggle a range of different tasks. These tasks can range from ensuring that funds are in place, to working with other people, while also finding an event that will appeal to the right kind of audience. Some of the best fundraising ideas involve events that bring together a local community, but don’t necessarily make direct fundraising the focus of the event. These events can include:

1 - Barbecues

A simple idea, but one that can act as the basis for lots of other fundraising activities, a barbecue is ideal for the summer. People can donate money to enter the barbecue, and can also contribute to individual activities while at a venue. These activities might include children’s games, races, raffles and auctions. Costs can also be lowered for a barbecue by asking local butchers and supermarkets to provide, or discount, meat and side dishes for the day. However, it is important to make sure that anyone serving at the event has a food handling certificate, and that all legal requirements for food serving are met. You should also think about having enough vegetarian options, as well as ensuring that side dishes are prepared beforehand to focus on dealing with a large amount of people. When it works, a barbecue can be extended across a day through lunchtime and dinnertime servings, and can help raise the profile of a charity within a community.

2 - Fun Runs and Walks

A fun run or walk provides a great way to get people involved in an event that can involve different levels of difficulty and fundraising. Short fun runs can be held as part of larger events, while larger marathons and overnight runs can be focused on specific events, and can be developed with other charities. Fundraising can come through registration fees, as well as individual fundraising through donations. When organising a fun run or walk, make sure that you have permission to take up a large amount of public space, and that you have appropriate wardens and first aiders in place to deal with any emergencies.

3 - Auctions

An excellent solution to raising a lot of money in a short period of time, auctions can be held independently, or can be run as part of an after dinner event. It is best to involve local businesses that can contribute prizes, while considering the benefits of either having a closed, silent auction, or a public, live auction. Reserves should be placed on items to protect a charity’s investment, and it is worth having a professional auctioneer to handle the running of an event. Turning an auction into a larger event that features live music, food and drink can also help to create a good atmosphere. It is also worth thinking about running online auctions, which can be used to attract traffic to a charity website, but can be more difficult to develop significant prizes and reserve bids for.

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