5 Community College To Harvard Transfer Preparation Tips

by A Guest Author

harvard-universityMany people ask if transferring from community college to Harvard is possible.

The answer is, YES.

Community college to Harvard is not only possible, it's achievable to anyone who really wants to be a successful transfer student.

Of course, there are a few preparations that need to be made during your 2 year community college education.

Even though transferring to Harvard sounds like a nice accomplishment, it consists of a lot of hard work and dedication.

To get on the right track, you can read this recent post on How to Community College Transfer to Harvard or check out this community college transfer guide for a more in depth step-by-step system.

Below, I have put together 5 tips you'll find helpful if you're preparing to transfer from community college to Harvard...

Prep Tip #1: Keeping The Right Equipment

It's important that you have an accessible laptop and or PC.

Your laptop and or PC should consist of proper software that allows you to create dynamic presentations, and write incredible papers.

When it comes to academics, it's imperative that you have Microsoft Office to handle upcoming spreadsheets that are mandatory in many college classes.

Prep Tip #2: Maintaining and Building an Academic Planner

Organization is the key to being successful when trying to transfer from a community college to Harvard.

Having an academic planners allows you to keep an eye on which classes are giving out multiple assignments, due dates and which classes are climbing the ladder of difficulty.

Having an organized academic planner also allows you to get ahead of the class work.

You can use your planner to keep an eye exams, papers and assignments.

Harvard entry deadlines is another important asset when it comes to your academic planner.

Keeping track of these particular deadlines keeps you from missing important dates that are detrimental to your college successful.

Prep Tip #3: It's All About Hardcopy Textbooks

It's not a mystery that every college student wants to save money.

Many students try to save money by buying used or digital textbooks.

In all actuality, it's much smarter to buy hardcopy textbooks because they allow you to study more efficiently.

Flipping through PDF pages doesn't deem to be effective when studying for you upcoming exam.

And even though hard backs are a bit expensive, they can be sold back and or you can rent rather than buy.

Prep Tip #4: Keep a Printer at Your Fingertips

It can be a real hassle to go to the public or campus library every single time you need to print out a paper.

Try to supply yourself with as much ink as you possibly can so that you are always ready to print out your assignments when need be.

It's about being productive when it comes to executing your school work and becoming a top student.

But, remember, just because you have a printer near by does NOT mean you should waste paper and care for the environment.

Prep Tip #5: Take Time To Get Familiar With The Common Application

Even though this shouldn't be the focus of your academic agenda, it's going to be an area in which you will have to eventually juggle.

The common application is the application that you will have to complete when transferring from community college to Harvard.

Getting familiar with this application before it's actually time to fill it out, will allow you to better prepare.

You will give yourself room, and much of the pressure that comes with this application will be relieved.

Transferring from a community college to Harvard is all about planning, hard work and dedication.

Focus on these strategies and you will find your transfer effortless.

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