Top 5 Must Haves for a Job Interview

by A Guest Author

I have found that college students are not the only ones who stress about preparing for a job interview. I have met with people of all ages and backgrounds who are not exactly excited about going to a job interview. For some people, going to a job interview can feel overwhelming and intimidating. To ensure success in obtaining your dream career after an interview, here are 5 items that you must have for the interview. Making sure you have these 5 items during your interview prep will ensure that you impress your future employer.
1. Resume Portfolio

A resume portfolio simply makes you look more organized and prepared for a job interview. An employer will have a favorable impression of you as you walk through the door with a resume portfolio in your hand. Buying a leather portfolio will also benefit you for the rest of your career. You can use the leather portfolio to hold memoranda, presentations and flyers for your work.

2. Suit

Wearing a suit to an interview is an essential part of the job search. Even if you are interviewing at an office where people tend to dress in a casual way, it is important for you to wear a suit to the interview. Wearing a suit will show your employer that you have a serious approach to your job search and will contribute quality work in the office.

3. Watch

Wearing a watch to an interview is another way to outshine the competition. Wearing a watch sends a subtle signal to your employer that you value your time and make the most of it. This assures employers that you will be a productive employee in the workplace.

4. Resume

Printing off extra copies should always by part of your interview prep. You should try to print your resume on quality paper and take extra copies with you to the interview. Even if you have already emailed your resume to the employer, he or she may still ask for a hard copy in the interview.

5. Writing Sample

You should also bring a writing sample to an interview to showcase your abilities. If you are applying for a job in any field in which written work is expected, then the employer may want to see proof of your abilities.
Taking these 5 items with you to an interview will ensure that you are prepared to handle any curve ball that is thrown at you. You will be ready to showcase your best qualities by taking these 5 items with you to the interview.

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Carol Sand is part of the career management MAP Houston team. She specializes in using her experience in the corporate world to advises others in their own career advancement. Follow Carol on Twitter @Carol_Sand_MAP and watch Carol on YouTube.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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