5 Must-Have Apps For College Students

by Ben Myers

College is a fun experience, but it is also supposed to prepare you for the future. In community college or university, you learn to balance both a social life and responsibilities. You grow as an individual and learn more about yourself.

If you're not organized, you could end up missing class, forgetting about homework assignments or accurately finding time to study. Luckily, there are smartphone and tablet apps to help college students maximize their time, study hard and become more organized. The following are five must-have apps for college students.

1. gFlash + Flashcards and Tests

This app allows college students to create their own customized flashcards to help them study—even while on the go. There is no limit to the number or topic of cards you can create, so feel free to make a set of flashcards for every subject.

gFlash + FlashcardsandTests integrates with Google Docs, so you can create your flashcards in a Google spreadsheet and apply it to the app. You can also include images and audio or visual clips, or you can even set up multiple choice questions. You can also set it up to test you, and you can track how well you improve with each turn.

2. Share Your Board

ShareYourBoard allows you to take a picture of your classroom's white board and turn it into a readable PDF. Once created, you can add your own notes. This allows you to easily save demonstrations or information provided by your teacher, and you can add your own notes for reference. As a PDF, these items can be shared with your friends, making it a great app to have on hand if your friend misses class.

3. Chegg

Chegg is a company used to rent textbooks, and the app allows you to search for textbooks by author or title, or you can simply upload the barcode. You will then be able to see a comparison of Chegg rental prices compared to retail prices. If you want to rent a book from Chegg, you can do so directly from your smartphone or tablet. Rentals can also be extended via the app, or you can decide to purchase it at a later date. You can avoid late fees through their reminder system, and you can use the app to find the closest UPS location to return your books.

4. MyHomework

MyHomework helps you organize your classes and assignments to stay on track. Block out time on a daily schedule based on your class schedule. Through the app, you can organize homework, tests, classes and assignments in order to ensure you don't miss a date and have adequate time to prepare for tests. Each assignment receives a red, orange or blue color depending on its priority.

5. EverNote

EverNote is one of the best apps to use for organization. This app lets you take notes, take pictures, create to-do lists, and record voice notes or reminders. Then, these notes become searchable through the app, so you can easily find what you're looking for at all times. You can also save, share or sync files through multiple mobile devices.

This post was written by Ben Myers

Ben Myers is a college English professor.  He is currently grading a huge stack of Hamlet essays.  In his spare time, Ben likes to study about learning methods and learning disabilities.

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