5 Perks of Being A Traveling Nurse After Community College

by A Guest Author

Being a traveling nurse after attending a community college nursing program can give one the chance to explore all different parts of the world. Whether one is a nurse for a traveling sports team, the military or even a Fortune 500 company, there are many perks that come with this career. Traveling nurses get to enjoy a part of the medical profession that most other individuals do not get to experience. While doctors or ER nurses may be forced to stay in the same building every day and for hours at a time, traveling nurses can enjoy having lunch with an NFL football team or going to exclusive events for Fortune 500 CEOs. Here are the 5 perks of being a traveling nurse.

1. Site Seeing Around the World

As a traveling nurse, you will be able to travel to all sorts of locations around the world. If you work for the military, then you may be able to see the deserts of Egypt or the beautiful mountains of Thailand. You may be a nurse that works for a Fortune 500 company and is able to travel to the Hamptons in New York or palaces in Saudi Arabia. Site seeing around the world is one of the major benefits that traveling nurses can enjoy in their lives.

2. Enjoying Additional Days Off

One of the other benefits of being a traveling nurse is that a person can enjoy additional days off. Traveling nurses may be able to enjoy weeks off at a time, depending on the schedule of the entity that they work for. If one wants to be able to have time off to explore new cities or be with family, then choosing to be a traveling nurse may be a great option.

3. Going to Athletic Events

When a traveling nurse works for a professional sports team, one of the perks is being able to go to all of the athletic events for the team. Nurses are often given a limited number of tickets that they can distribute to friends and family who want to attend the games. Imagine being able to attend the Super Bowl because you serve as the traveling nurse for a team of football players. Those who work for traveling teams are able to go to all of the exclusive athletic events that are associated with the team.

4. Invitations to Exclusive Parties

Nurses are frequently invited to exclusive parties when they work for a famous athletic team or company. Companies will frequently want nurses to be at the same events as CEOs so that a nurse can provide immediate care if it is needed. Companies want to ensure that people like Donald Trump are always taken care of in an emergency. When you are a traveling nurse, you will be able to witness the ways in which the top socialites of the world live. You will also be able to enjoy some fine cocktails and dinners when you attend these exclusive parties! It can also be a way for you to gain new connections and can open up new career opportunities for you.

5. Increased Salary

When you want an increased salary, you should apply for a position as a traveling nurse with a Fortune 500 company. Nurses who work for high-powered companies make more than $100,000 a year. Companies are willing to pay this much money for nurses that can be on-call at any time of the day.

If you are thinking about being a traveling nurse, then nothing should be holding you back from pursuing this dream. The perks of being a traveling nurse are truly awesome!

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Paul Clancy is a RN and guest author at Accelerated Nursing Programs, a site with information about how to find an accelerated nursing program in your area.

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