5 Things Your Office Should Have

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 You spend 8 hours of everyday there, that’s 40 hours a week, which is 160 hours a month, which (minus the holidays) is 1680 hours a year, which in an average working lifetime (age 21 to 65) is 73,920 hours. That’s a long time.

With that in mind, I take a look at 5 things which I believe will make these hours a little bit better.

1) A Seat Wedge

If I had a penny for every time my mother told me to sit up straight, I would never need to work in my life. (My slouching is all her fault anyway, she is the one who sent me to piano lessons and that’s the very reason I sit like Quasimodo’s sister.)

With so much time spent sitting at a desk- it is vital you support your spine. These seat wedges act as a physical reminder to prevent slouching and maintain the natural curve of your spine. Sitting higher up also means you get to see further, which will allow for additional distractions and an improved ability to be nosy.

2) A Plant

Researchers at Texas State University have discovered that employees with plants at their desks are more content at work than those without. More interestingly, they also discovered that those in the company of some greenery were even happier than those who sat by a window but had no plant. Maybe you should convince your boss to hire some office landscapers?

3) Sticky Notes

You can never ever have enough. They are practically impossible to lose and a great way to keep motivated. Add some inspirational quotes to stick up around your computer screen or desk. This will encourage positive thinking – which many believe is the key to success.

If this isn’t your key to success, you can cross it off your list (which you have compiled on a sticky note) and continue the search.

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4) A Mini Fridge

Sometimes you don’t have time for lunch, or even worse, you have taken the time to prepare food which has mysteriously grown legs and gone missing. A portable fridge is a great way to not only keep snack cool, but also to heat them up!

This means you never have to leave your (now) comfortable, serene, inspiring office space to queue for 30 minutes for an overpriced sandwich which will have something in it that you don’t like. And let’s face it, there will always be something you don’t like in a pre-made sandwich.

The heating facility on a mini fridge will also mean decent dinners for longer days.

5) Now Panic and Freak Out Book.

I’m a little bit fed up of being told to ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. So instead, I suggest you buy this little book which is full of bad advice, (you already have your inspirational quotes on your sticky notes – don’t be greedy).

Enjoy some irony, and share it with your colleagues. Plus, if you had to cross off positive thinking in your quest for success, it is only fair that you give panicking and freaking out a go!

So there you have it, 5 little things that may make a big difference to your daily life in the office. Oh and one last piece of advice, don’t forget to water your plant!

Guest Author:

Genevieve Lyttle is obsessed with making her office cubicle a better place to work. Currently, she recommends Ambius UK.

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