Appropriate Job Interview Attire For Women

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Interviews can be really uncomfortable and nerve wracking situations. Especially in the current economic situation we are faced with, there is even more pressure in getting that job and nailing the interview. You have all of your bases covered; your resume, contacts, and now you need to decide what to wear. Interview attire can be a tricky thing, especially for women. What do you wear? Well in this interesting article, we look at appropriate job interview attire for women.

Proper and Appropriate Job Interview Attire For Women

1. Dress professional

It is always appropriate to dress in a professional manner no matter what company or position you are interviewing for. Even if the company you are applying at has casual dress attire, one should always look professional for their job interview. This indicates that you are indeed a professional and have come to the interview in a serious light.

2. Dress conservative

Unless you are attending a job interview for a fashion position, your attire should remain as conservative as possible. This is not the time to let your inner fashionista and style shine. Your style may not necessarily appeal to your possible employer so keep plain and simple.

3. One can never go wrong with a suite

If one is really struggling with what attire to wear to their job interview to both look professional and conservative, remember, you can never go wrong with an understated suite. You will present yourself in an advantageous light and you are able to select either a pants or a skirt suite, or a variation of the two. Make sure that the suite you wear to your interview fits properly. A tight or loose fitting suite can look incredibly sloppy and it’s not the best attire for women to wear to a job interview.

4.  Sexy is not professional

An incredibly important thing women need to remember when it comes to attire for a job interview; sexy is not professional and is not appropriate. Proper attire for a job interview should not include any sexy sentiments at all. This will simply look trashy. One is able to look professional and conservative while still looking feminine and not sexy. Short skirts, low bust lines and incredibly tight clothes are a no no. Another rule to remember when it comes to proper and appropriate job interview attire for women, if wearing a skirt, no matter the length, tights need to be worn. Women not wearing tights is like a man not wearing socks.

5. Make note of the small things

Before heading off on your interview, make note of the small things that accompany your job interview attire. Is your hair clean and neat? Do you have excessive jewellery on? Rather keep it simple and do not pile on the makeup.  One last thing for the perfect job interview attire; clean, shiny shoes.

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