5 College Staples to Keep in Your Fridge

by A Guest Author

Part of the college experience is shopping and preparing meals on your own. Up until now, you may not have had this opportunity, and now that you do, don't let panic set in! Cooking for yourself isn't has daunting as it sounds.

In fact, if you keep these staples in your kitchen, you'll always have what you need to fix a quick meal or snack.


Pasta is very cheap and very versatile. When you shop, look for generic brands and get a variety of pasta types. You can add anything from spaghetti sauce to butter and cheese to your pasta. Also look for pasta sauce mixes where you just have to add water or milk.

Fresh Veggies

Depending on the season, fresh vegetables can also be affordable. Buy things like carrots, corn and broccoli and you'll always have a healthy snack on hand. You can also add these to most pasta or rice dishes.

Chicken Breasts

A bag of frozen chicken breasts may seem expensive, but it's a great investment. If you're only cooking for yourself, you can keep the chicken in your freezer and use it over the course of a few weeks. Chicken breasts can be baked or fried or even baked and shredded to add to other dishes.


Just like pasts, rice is very cheap and can be used in so many ways. Always keep a bag of rice on hand and you'll be able to make anything from fried rice to rice and veggies.


Baking potatoes are a healthy choice. They take a few hours to bake in your oven, or you can out one in the microwave and have a meal ready in a matter of minutes. Add some butter, cheese and sour cream and you're all set!


Bagels can make an ordinary sandwich a little less boring. Add ham and cheese for lunch or spread some cream cheese on a warm bagel for breakfast. This is also a great lunch to pack and take to campus.

These ingredients can help you get out of the Ramen and PB&J rut many college students find themselves in. These foods are healthy and easy to prepare, not to mention budget friendly. If you keep these on hand, and rotate out the other things on your list, you'll have a variety of options when it comes to meals you can prepare. Let's get cooking!

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