Community College Organizations: How To Maximize Your Experience

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Community College Organizations Get InvolvedEven the best community colleges are notorious for being commuter campuses.

Although there are a few community colleges with housing many have apartments nearby for students who want to live close to campus, they aren't run by the community college and aren't officially "dorms".

The fact is, many community college students travel to classes and leave when they are done.

This commuter campus mentality makes it difficult for some students to socialize and network, but opportunities are out there!

Check out some great ways to get involved in community college life.

Join a Club

Many community college campuses have a variety of academic, social, political, religious or service organizations for students to join and become active with their community college peers.

Join A ClubAcademic organizations, like Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), promote scholarship, leadership and fellowship among other students, and select departments, like math, engineering and science, often have clubs for students to get to know their peers.

Many students in PTK often have the opportunity to transfer from community college to Ivy League.

Cultural and religious are also popular on 2 year community college campuses - from language clubs to like-minded world travelers, you can connect with other students who are just like you.

Service organizations, like Circle K or Collegiate Veterans Society, help you give back to your community in a group setting.

Community colleges also offer social clubs like LGBT groups, sororities and fraternities - see this post for more info: Does Greek Life Exist in Community College?

Check your student guide or community college website for specifics.

If you don't' see a group you like, take the initiative to start one of your own, which can help you network and gain valuable leadership experience for your future career.

Get in touch with your artistic side

Whether you love singing, dancing or acting, community college organizations like the stage program might be the perfect opportunity for you to meet other thespians and network.

Community colleges often have theater clubs or programs, or are close to a community theater.

If you're into photography or painting, check for an on-campus or local gallery that holds classes or clubs.

Get Involved in Sports

Community College Sports OrganizationsYou don't have to have serious sports skills to get involved in athletics at your community college.

Many offer intramurals, club and recreation sports, and fitness center classes catering to amateur athletes of all ages.

Intramural sports often consist of flag football, soccer, beach volleyball and racquetball, and rec sports can be running and golf.

Check out classes like Zumba and yoga at your community college fitness center to meet other students while you're getting fit!

Report the News

Along with radio stations, student run community college newsletters or newspapers often are searching for qualified, interested volunteers to write and report.

If the publication is daily, the volume of stories might be too large for the staff to cover.

Columnists and human-interest reporters are also sometimes difficult to find, so if you have a nose for news, a student-run newspaper will be a great way for your to meet other reporters, learn about the journalism industry, and meet individuals who may help you get a job after you graduate.

Or you can always start your career right away and write for us.

Spin Tunes

If your community college has a radio station, they are most likely looking for volunteers to spin tunes or man the request lines.

Talk to your local community college radio station manager and find out how you can get involved.

Although not every campus offers volunteer opportunities for radio fans, the ones that do are typically in need of staff, especially during odd-hour shifts or weekends.

It's a great way to get involved in music while meeting new friends - and maybe starting a show that will become a viral hit!

Run for Student Government

Student Government OrganizationAlthough community college students don't live on campus, they still want their voices to be heard - many community college student government associations are some of the most popular and active organizations on campus.

There are many ways to volunteer, socialize and network in a student government association, from running for an office to assisting with campaigns to acting as activists to get others involved in issues around campus.

If politics are your thing, consider joining a community college democrat or republican club to get involved in politics on campus and in the community at-large.


Volunteering can be a rewarding way to connect with others, even outside of a club setting.

Many community colleges offer free or discounted services to their students, including childcare, career services or mentorship groups.

See How and Why You Should Volunteer In College if you're not convinced.

These facilities and groups might need volunteers to staff them or serve as tutors or mentors, and can give you practical work experience and help you get involved with your community college.

Look for community services with an on-campus precise, like United Way or March of Dimes, and volunteer and advocate on a broader scale.

Start a Study Group

When you step foot into your first community college classes, you have a whole network of people right there beside you for a whole semester!

Ask your new friends in courses (especially if they apply to your major) to join you for a regular study group.

Meet on campus at a library or in an off-campus restaurant or coffee shop for a socialization/studying hybrid.

Study groups are a good way to get to know your classmates, strengthen your knowledge of the subject, and create a sense of community.

Even if you go your separate ways after the class is over, you'll most likely stay in touch with your new friends through your entire community college career.

Attend Campus Events

There is almost always something happening on a community college campus - you just have to be there to experience it!

If you don't have somewhere to be after classes, take a look at the community college organizations calendar and see what types of events are going on that day.

From job fairs to performances, there is something for everyone, and you'll be able to meet other students interested in the same thing.

Beyond Community College Organizations

There is still a lot to focus on outside of community college organizations, like your academics!

And transferring from community college to your dream university.

To learn how you can be a successful community college transfer, read our blog or read a community college transfer guide.

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