The Use Of Computer Aided Design In The Fashion Industry

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The modern fashion industry has moved from the level of creating drawings and patterns with pencils and paper to produce a design of fashion, into a stage where computers are used to produce accurate and overwhelming designs never seen before. This is made possible with use of computer aided design software. This development is most probably the reason why we have so many exciting and unbelievable fashion expressions and designs allover the world. The use of cad in the fashion industry has become more important because of the need to increase efficiency and make design process easier. To achieve this goal, cad software are integrated in every step of traditional clothing construction process and then interfaced with different kinds of machines to produce an excellent work of fashion art.

The first step in fashion designing is the concept and idea stage where the designer utilizes his/her imagination to establish a design idea. In the past, most designers get inspiration from real life, books and traveling but today, inspiration is everywhere over the internet with just a click of the mouse. cad gives the designer the advantage of putting in drawing every idea, and bringing it out in a way that was usually regarded as impossible. After concept and idea comes sketching, which is a very lengthy process since the designer has to combine his knowledge of trends and creativity to achieve a unique design. cad helps in achieving the perfect sketch through the use of multiple tools that are available on the software menu. These are self explanatory tools that can be used to draw and erase, or do and re-do, according to the designer's desire.

The production stage in the fashion field is important because it is the point where the final product is showcased and everything that has to do with the particular design is established. Often designers may not have the overall insight to notice errors, this where the use of cad software comes in handy to help view the design in 3-D for easy detection and correction of any design errors. After productions comes promotion. The final products of a fashion designer need to be promoted for it to be recognized by the final consumers. This is done through the designing of promotional materials and items using cad software. Such materials are displayed in billboards, magazines, brochures, posters, catalogs, fashion shows and invitation cards.

Fashion designing with the use of cad has numerous advantages. For designers who want to create a collection that is connected in terms of pattern and flow, cad allows them to create a design collection that is even and detailed, to ensure that every fabric flows in the same frequency. The cad software allows the designer to view their designs in different colors, patterns and on different models right on the computer screen before it is displayed to the general public. The software also helps to safe plenty of time, money and resources since fabrics and designs can be viewed before they are put into production.

Allover the world more and more fashion schools are making cad a necessity, requiring their students to try and learn how to make use of it. At the general level, CAD courses involve the study of computer aided software which can lead to advanced degree in architecture. The courses can later on lead to computer-aided design and computer aided manufacture professions. The courses are aimed at helping students learn how to integrate fabric, fiber and pattern making techniques and construction with the use of software and computers. Some of the most popular software used in the fashion industry includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Koledo and Optitex, U4ia and color matters.

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Martha Robinson is a fashion designer who has embraced computer aided design as she uses 3D models which are free to choose from in her designs.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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