Five Tips to Help You Win a Community College Scholarship

by A Guest Author

Community College Scholarship CelebrationThe idea of going to community college can be a daunting one.

Many students focus on their grades with the hopes that this alone will propel them towards their dreams of transferring from community college to university.

However, just beginning to attend community college can be stressful too, especially when you look at the financial burden that can be generated.

Thankfully, there are literally thousands of community college scholarships available to help alleviate this burden.

Follow these five tips to help you win a community college scholarship.

Grades, Grades, Grades - Maybe

Many scholarships focus on your academic performance.

Having good grades can determine what schools will accept you.

However, grades are not the only factor considered.

Both scholarship funds and schools look for well-rounded individuals when they consider the scholarship applications.

It is important to work towards good grades, but it is just as important to participate in other activities.

Go The Extra Mile

Extracurricular activities not only give you great experience, they also improve your chances for scholarships.

In fact, many school clubs and organizations are able to help you find funds that may not be available if you are not active.

Some scholarships are exclusively available to students who are active in media clubs, music, sports, or other community activities.

Public or Private

The question of whether to get a public community college education or private university is often associated with funding.

However, as you search for potential funding, you will want to search for public and private funding.

Many states offer funds to students based on their residency.

Other government agencies provide funds based on grades and community college student activities.

Do not limit your search to private foundations or you will be eliminating a huge source of potential assistance.

The Early Bird

While most sources are not available until your senior year, there are many that let you apply early if you meet their requirements.

In either case, it is highly recommended that you start familiarizing yourself with potential funding and the rules they have well before your senior year.

If you wait until the end, you will not be able to update your performance in time.

By learning the requirements early, you can tailor your academic and extracurricular activities towards the many scholarships available.

The Rules of the Road

Every funding source has a set of criteria that must be met before they will consider your application.

By starting early, you can begin to work towards those requirements.

Make sure to use a calendar to mark the deadlines for each potential community college scholarship.

Before you send your final application, check for simple grammar and spelling errors.

Make sure that you have completed each step required to the best of your ability.

For additional assistance, you should ask both parents and high school counselors to review your work.

Closing Thoughts

With the thousands of potential funding sources available to help pay for your community college education, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

Start early and take your time to review the available sources.

Apply to each one that you qualify.

Finally, check your work, follow the rules, and submit the applications on time.

Your future depends on it.

About the author: Remy is a contributor for Scholarship Scouts where you can get some useful resources on scholarships for single mothers.

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