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The summer is finally here and it’s a busy time of year what with vacations, starting a new chapter of education and endless days out in the sun. However putting all these fun adventures aside, the summer months can be the most expensive of the year so you need to grab yourself a summer bargain at every opportunity.

Back To College or University

If you’re starting another educational chapter in your life then there is no doubt that you will need loads of things to prepare yourself – uniform, stationary, bag, shoes etc. All of this can amount to a small fortune. Check websites like Amazon for stationary and discount outlets for shoes. Also check newspapers and online for voucher codes and discount offers.


Whether it’s booking your summer holiday or shopping for all the essentials, make sure to get the best deal that you can. One of the best ways to make certain of this is to shop around. For luggage/beach bags etc. Use the Google shopping feed to get the best price for items from thousands of stores.

When it comes to foreign currency then have a look at the exchange rates that different places are offering, most of the time you can barter the price down, especially for non-Euro currency.

Fun Days Out

When heading to theme parks, the zoo or other popular tourist attractions search online for 2 for 1 coupons, if you do manage to get hold of some then that savings you could make are unreal.

You could also save money by taking your own food. The canteens at popular tourist attractions can be really expensive so taking your own cool bag will save money.

Eating Out

Eating out is another expensive venture, even if its once a week. Collect restaurant coupons or eat out when restaurants have special deals on such as, free starters or a free bottle of wine. When you are eating out also be conscious of how much you are ordering, extras or sides can add a heap to your bill.


The cinema is getting more so expensive and the average cost of a cinema ticket is £7 adding snacks on top – which are often more expensive than the movie itself, making it an expensive night out. With Netflix you can watch movies or television episodes online for £7.99 per month, so you can snuggle on the sofa with some homemade popcorn and watch a film in the comfort of your own home.

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Written by saving expert Ava Gregory. For more great money saving tips follow Ava on Twitter @AARKShop

This post was written by A Guest Author

This post was written by a guest author. If you have high quality, useful information to share with students, send us an email or click Write For Us to learn more. And in case you're wondering - yes, you can promote yourself in this fancy author byline.

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