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My mom told me a couple of years ago about the time when people actually sent letters to each other. They would sit down for an hour and write with something called a pen. Not only did they write this letter they would put it into an envelope and put on an address and post it. The letter would arrive three of four days later. Amazing technology.

I use to laugh so much at my mums love for letters and her utter annoyance with e mails and those forms of instant communications. She says that instant conversation is not a great way to go, as she feels that there is not thought being put into an e mail. She says there is no construction and no love put into a silly instant message. As you can imagine she keeps all her old letters, especially the love letters from my dad who died a few years ago.

Because of her hate for computers I had to promise to I would phone her once a week and to send her an honest old fashioned letter once a week as well.  The first week at college I made the phone call, but did not send a letter. The next phone call my mum actually cried because I was not bothered to write her a latter. Of course I could not see this as a crime, but there was no doubt about it she was upset and annoyed.

The next week I made the phone call and PROMISED I would send her an old fashion letter by the end of the week. I really did not understand at the time how difficult it is me to write a letter. A letter is a one way conversation; there are no gaps for a reply and no reaction to anything that is being written. How do you start? How do you finish?

My first letter home was only a side and a half of note paper size. It was a rubbish letter of short sharp sentences that would of course not be allowed in a book or essay editing. I knew my mum would be pissed, so I wrote another one the day after posting the previous letter. I spent four hours on the letter.

Writing a real letter is something really to concentrate on as there is no delete or cut and paste. A mistake is a mistake. An error shines out. A crossing out shows lack of control too. I had to rewrite my five page letter three times. It had a start a proper middle and a real loving finish for her, as I told her how much I loved her and missed her.

I imagined as I posted this letter her face would be full of happy tears when she reads it. I know she will be very proud of me. The effort and time taken to write this letter has shown me just how our generation has lost the art of writing.

Now man weeks down the line I have sent my mum several long letters and she loves it. It also has done me good too, as I am now writing better assignments and my essay editing is much better than before. Maybe some of the old fashioned values need to be given a chance again to shine.

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Paul Allen has only missed two letter home so far.

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