Make Your Dorm Room a Perfect Fun Spot with These Decorating Tips

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Starting college for the first time has a series of ‘firsts’ and a whole load of worry wedged between. Leaving your room at home and getting ready for a dorm room isn’t exactly easy. Making that room ‘your own’ as far as style goes is even harder. It’s natural to be nervous of your roommate on first introductions as sharing such a small and vitally intimate part of life with someone you’ve just met definitely needs some major adjustment. However, like everything else, preparation is the key. Make your first dorm year and college year a time to cherish with a bit of preparation.

Before you start creating your dorm room…

  • As it is a tiny space, save space and enhance what  should be highlighted
  • Coordinate with your roommate even if there is disagreement on designs and styles otherwise you might end up with some identical futons or other stuff
  • Have a rough idea of a plan of action before beginning.


The way your furniture is positioned can seriously ramp or enlarge your room space. Move it around a bit to find the best spot for everything. For comfortable reading or texting, shift your bed against a wall so that it can operate as a couch as well. Transform it into a decorative and colorful spot with a mix of cushions of different materials and some interesting pillow cases. If you have any soft shawls, use them as a day blanket. A stool upholstered with the same patterned material that matches your comforter can also add to the chic look.


A clash of design is no way to have a lovely dorm room. Sit down with your roommate and find out what can be achieved. Clashing shades or unsuitable patterns are a designer’s nightmare. Try going for simple shades and hit on hues both of you like. If there are bunk beds, it is even more important to be well coordinated as some symmetry is required. A small carpet before the bunks could sport a color scheme that goes with your bed’s design.


Furniture that can be multifunctional is your best bet to save space and not cramp style. A futon is one way to do so. Mounted shelves too can help hold books and other things. Walls can be adorned with a message board or some cute artwork. If you prefer your own bed to a bunk, then the bottom bunk can be lofted. This will provide a cozy study and storage spot that will add charm. Custom rugs can enhance the beauty of the floor and give the room a more classy touch.


Make walls come alive with color and innovation using decals to form your own unique wall decoration. The best part is that you won’t have any problem removing it when it’s time to leave. You can even create a wallpaper look by repeating the same pattern in different parts of the room.

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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