Making Prom Night Special

by A Guest Author

For a teenager entering the twilight of your days in high school, prom night is probably both an exciting and harrowing event in your near future. Assuming you’ve already picked that special person to take to the event itself, let’s focus on making the trip there and back as memorable as possible. Here’s a few things you should consider if you want to make it a night you - and your date - will truly never forget.

Part of the elegance of prom is the fancy clothes, and schools usually enforce a formal dress code at their prom. If you’re a female, an evening gown will probably be what you’re looking for. Ask local retailers and dressmakers what styles and colors are popular, and if you’re doing prom on a budget (or just trying to cut corners) consider buying a second-hand dress. After all, it’s probably only been worn once.
If you’re a guy, you’ve got it easy. Tuxedos are a rentable commodity, and usually a tuxedo rental business will even alter it to fit you for free. Most rental shops stock a wide variety of stylish tuxedos, both in classic and designer styles, meaning a lot of the question of which kind to wear can be in the hands of the business themselves.
Let’s face it, how you get to prom is just as memorable as the night itself. You probably don’t have any say in what actually happens at the dance, but getting there is another matter altogether. If you’re really looking at making an impression, then a limousine is what you want to show up in. Nothing says “special night” like pulling up to your date’s house in a stretch limo, and then spending a few hours riding around town and just enjoying the cruise before the big dance.
If the cost seems out of your league, consider chipping in with a group of friends. Limos are rented by the hour, plus a deposit, so the more people you’re willing to pack into your pre-prom cruise, the less you’ll all pay out of pocket.
If your school is catering a banquet-style prom, then you probably don’t have to take dinner into consideration. However, in the interest of saving money and renting a more extravagant space for prom-goers, many schools decide to forgo catering. In that case, dinner is the next element you want to take into consideration. Consider making reservations at a nice restaurant, or even just going to a more upscale walk-in establishment.
When it comes to food, talk to your date, discuss likes and dislikes when it comes to food, and come to an agreement on where to go, rather than leaving it to one or the other to decide. This prevents the experience from being spoiled for either prom-goer. If you decided to chip in on transportation with friends, consider picking them up after dinner. The meal is one-on-one time with your date, you’ll have plenty of fun with your friends later in the evening.
Have Fun!  
It goes without saying that prom is all about having a special night with your date and your friends. It’s a time to put other things on hold. If you have other worries, such as college applications, homework, upcoming exams or other issues that might weigh on you, try your best to leave them at home. Nobody wants to be sad or worried at prom, because after all, you only get to do it once.

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