Not to use Other Peoples Things at College

by A Guest Author

What was it your parents use to tell you? If it is not yours than do not touch it! So as a little kid that really did not mean that much, as we had no idea of ownership was at that time. If you saw it and liked it- you just went for it. And if it broke into several pieces as you examined it, well that was even better.

Of course as we grew up we did get the understanding of the items belonging to you or someone else. In the main everybody respects the fact that if it belongs to someone else you just leave it alone, or treat it with total respect.

Somehow I seemed to have gone back in time and forgot all the golden rules of ownership now I am at a brand new college. Because in high school you knew your group of close friends, and there was an unwritten rule that allowed you to borrow their things, and that was just cool with them. Be it a bike, games console, magazines or DVDs. No problem.

I have paid a hefty price for ignoring the rules here at college. About a week ago I just came to a blank with some real tedious essay editing. I needed to break from it for a while, so I picked up my roommates guitar left on his bed. He was out for the day, and besides he wouldn’t mind me strumming the guitar would he?

After an hour of trying to get a tune out of his guitar I became bored with it. Placed it on the floor by my bed and went back to that tedious writing assignment. It could have been an hour later that I was feeling very happy with myself as the essay work was completed. It was a great essay for sure!

To reward myself I jumped out of bed with a huge shout of “YES! YES!” which ended in a terrible cracking sound and a ping of mixed notes come from the guitar. Yes, you guessed it I had put one whole foot through the guitar. It was ruined for sure, as the hole was bigger than my foot and only one string remained in position.

I knew this could not be blamed on the guitar jumping off his bed. I knew I would have to come clean and take the consequences and get it repaired. That is if it was repairable. If not I would buy a new one.  I would have to ask my dad for a couple of hundred dollars to make it right for my roommate.

Later that evening Chris (roommate) arrived back, and the first thing he saw was the crumpled guitar on the bed. He went totally ape!  He went berserk! I explained what had happened but I was not even being heard. He was mad as hell.

Later I would be in tears as the guitar was a “real” guitar and the cost of repair would be more than to buy a new replacement. The replacement would be over $2000. I have agreed to do it over six months, which is an expensive lesson in not touching over people’s property. Next time I will just do the essay editing and sleep.

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Martin Jarvis is STILL paying for that guitar!

This post was written by A Guest Author

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