Popularity – the Ultimate Test on the Streets!

by A Guest Author

For every girl, being popular is one of the most difficult & important things especially when you are in high school or college. Being popular means a lot more than just being in everyone’s good or “known” books; It means, others admire you and at some level, want to be like you.

As a girl, that is extremely important for confidence and motivation to keep going ahead with the entire endeavour of being the Queen Bee.

  • Confidence: This is something that you need if you are planning to become popular. No one likes or wants to be seen as a weak or shy pushover. By being confident, you automatically exude an aura that attracts people towards you and shows you for what you can truly be.
  • Intelligence: brains are easy to acquire but most of us tend to give it lesser importance than we should. Ok, so you don’t exactly need to be an Einstein, but what you need is an incredibly sharp mind. Look, see, learn and be quick to respond or understand what’s going on. As long as you are on top of things and ready to pounce on the situation to take over, you should be on the right side of the popularity metre
  • Mental strength: When push comes to shove, you need to be able to hold your ground. No one wants or expects you to rush out there and get down to blows. All you need to do is stand your ground, not back down, and have the mental strength to know that nobody can put you down or get away by doing something wrong to you.
  • Defence: No matter what kind of a situation you are in, you need to be able to protect yourself. That doesn’t mean you need to fight – it simply means that you should be able to come out of the tightest corners with the least amount of damage and the fewest scars that you can get.
  • Friends: No matter what you may think, no one can get through to popularity all alone. The most important thing about being with people is that they support you and help you get through tight situations.

These Things Take Time

Something like this doesn’t happen overnight so know that you will have to work hard to maintain this kind of an image. With friends around you who understand and know what you are all about, it is easier to something like this. There aren’t too many things that you can do wrong when you are just trying to be yourself.

Being popular is a state of mind, and not just something that you can study for. Be honest to yourself, whether you are speaking in public or simply sitting in your room and giving a Chav test for girls. Every single moment will tell you something more about yourself that will help you hone your character. You will find a lot more from that kind of experience than from everything else in the world combined!

You efforts to become popular will need work and as you keep going along, things will evolve and you will need to stay up with times. Do that and watch the world fall in line behind you.

Patrick Myrtle – author

Although Patrick Myrtle is a  journalist who earns his living in the adult world, Patrick is still a teenager at heart. The amount of time he spends with teenagers and with the things they like, almost qualifies him as a teenager himself. Patrick has spent most of his time creating interesting and innovative ways of engaging youngsters, including creating special packages like a fun chav test called Chavometer, amongst other things. His attempt is to make every piece of his work as interesting and interactive for his readers as can possibly be.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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