Safety Tips for School Trips

by A Guest Author

Going on a school trip can be a fantastic way for students to learn about the world. By traveling to a foreign city they have a chance to understand history, art, culture and humanities in a way that they simply could not in the classroom. School trips also offer an opportunity for some students who learn by experiencing rather than by listening, to really immerse themselves in a subject.

School trips are wonderful, but they can also be very difficult to organize. With a large group of students traveling together, the trip leader has a lot of responsibility to make sure that everyone stays together, does not get lost and stays safe.

If you are organizing a school trip with your students, here are some important safety tips:

  • Head counts are very important on a school trip. Make sure that you always know how many of your students are with you and count them frequently. Count them after every time you get on and off the bus, as well as when you exit or enter any attractions. This might seem repetitive, but it will help you realize right away if you are missing someone rather than realizing hours later.
  • Planning ahead will help to make sure your school trip runs more smoothly. Make sure you know how to get to all of the attractions on your schedule, because wandering around lost with map in hand while being followed by all of your students is not a good idea.
  • Knowledge is power, so know as much as you can about your destination. Do your research in advance to find out about any potential dangers in the area, such as a market which is known for pickpockets or a neighbourhood which gets dangerous after dark.
  • Also, make sure that you talk to your students about what they can do to keep safe while on the school trip. It often works to establish a “buddy system” so that they can look out for each other as well.
  • For safety reasons it is essential that you have a very high ratio of teachers/chaperones to students. This helps to ensure that the kids have someone keeping an eye on them at all times. It’s incredibly difficult for one person to supervise 20-30 children at once and it is very likely that someone will get lost or hurt.

Keep these tips in mind for a safer and less stressful school trip!

Are you planning a school trip through Here are some safety tips to get you prepared for your big adventure.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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