Snoring at College

by A Guest Author

Snoring at College

For as long as I can remember my dad has been an awful earth shattering snorer. I remember many times shouting at him over the breakfast table about getting something done about it as the noise would make walls vibrate and it would be like a form of torture all night long.

Of course my poor old mum would have suffered much more and my poor old dad must have been racked with guilt. The annoying thing about the snoring is that the snorer never really knows that they are bellowing out such a constant noise and an alarm sounding noise to everyone around them. My mum had years of it, at least I was in another room she was next to him night after night after night.

Now sharing a room in my new college I am so relieved that my roommate John does not snore. In fact when he goes to bed he sleeps I seconds and never even moves all night. It is total bliss for me. But unfortunately it is not total bliss for him. I had noticed last week that he was in a real bad mood with me and for the life of me I could not understand why. As far as I knew I had not done anything to upset him and I never use his stuff at all.

I finally asked him what was the problem and he told me that I was snoring every single night. In fact to prove this to me he played back the sounds on his phone. I was absolutely horrified as I could hear this horrific noise that sounded so much like my dad, but this shameful noise was me. This shameful noise was being produced by me and now I know how my dad must have felt too, as there is no way I can knowingly control it and I am not aware of even doing it.

John said that he was becoming ill because of this and he would have to move if I did not do anything about it as quickly as possible. Now what can you do? My dad has tried for years and even been to the doctor who after a few years gave up on my dad and said he probably would need some sort of operation. John leaving would be difficult as I like him, but if they replaced him the same thing would happen again with the next poor roommate.

Lucky for me John did not live too far from college so every Friday he would head home and be back Sunday night and sometimes Monday morning. So at least for two to three days he would get a great night’s sleep, the rest of the time he would have disturbed sleep listening to me.

John and I sat down and I told him it was not possible for me to cure my snoring but I would do my best to sleep much later and let him get to sleep first and I also offered to clean and tidy and let him use my guitar. All of this was not enough so I said I would help him with essay editing as he hates it so much. John actually uses those online essay editing companies to help him and pays them weekly. I will do it for him and that will save him some money. This was the deal he wanted. So now he can sleep a little better and have some of his work done for him and I do not so feel so bad about snoring.

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Paul Williams wears a device on his nose to stop him snoring. It does not work.

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