Four More Summer Ideas For Community College Transfer Students

by A Guest Author

It is summer time and you have finished with your 2 year community college, state school, military education or even online courses and you want to kick back, relax and do nothing all summer. While you have certainly earned the right to do so, it would be such a shame for you waste your entire summer. Here are some things you can do instead.

Fix and Repair:

Knowing how to repair a car is sort of a lost art that your Father or Grandfather probably new how to do but few seem to know how today.  Not only is it a handy thing to know but it can save you a lot of money even on just basic things like oil changes and air filters. One of the easiest ways to do so is to take a mechanics class at a Community College. This is often the best way to go since they probably have a full service garage installed. This way you can lift it up and really learn about the inner workings.

If you don’t want to spend the money on a class you always shoot for the self-taught route. There are tons of good websites that can show you how stuff works. That being said you will still have to spend some money for wheel ramps and tools if you really want to dig into it. Whichever the case may be, you can be the savior next time you or your friends break down.

Overcome Your Fears

We all have that one or two things we have always wanted to do but have always been afraid to try. Now is your time. It might by parachuting or swim in a shark cage the options are as limitless as your fears. It could even be something like asking that special somebody out that you have been too nervous to try. Either way, the best way to do so is to find a buddy or two and you all go together, unless it is asking somebody out, then do it alone.

Road Trip:

Few things spell college fun like a road trip. Just pick a place, pack up the car and head off into the direction. Do you ever have to reach it? No, you might just end up going whichever way seems the most fun to you at the time. The beach, the mountains, museums, you name it and you could end up there. It works even better if it involves visiting a friend so you will have a place to stay.

Work it Out:

Everyone has heard of the freshman fifteen so why not take the summer to lose that extra load. Hit the weights, take cross fit or yoga classes or even play tennis or soccer. Find something you can enjoy and do it. You will look good and feel good and your friends will be amazed when school starts back up.

So see, there are all sorts of fun things you can do this summer. Your military education will start back soon enough and you don’t want to waste your free time and wished you hadn’t.

About the Author:

Jeff Jordan writes and lives in Southern California. He writes about life, pop culture, real estate and education. Another great way to spend your summer is to take online university courses.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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