The Career of an Audio Visual Technician

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So you enjoy the thrill of interactive multimedia and live events; perhaps then you should consider a career as an audio-visual technician. The lifestyle comes with many perks including a good salary and the opportunity to be part of some very special events. Live concerts, presentations, DJ sets and nightclub lightshows would not be possible except for the audio-visual jobs that technicians perform. As an audio-visual technician, you are in a very literal sense the live and soul of the party because the difference between a great show and an amazing one is in the hands of these guys. Let’s look at some of the responsibilities and factors that make up the essence of being in audio-visual solutions.

Endless Audio-Visual Technology

An audio-visual technician is in a position that they need to understand how audio and visual collide to create an interactive experience and need to understand both aspects independently as well as in collaboration with each other. There are so many devices and machines in the audio-visual industry that one can endeavour to understand them all but never be able to keep up with new items being released every other week. Audio-visual technology is always being pushed forward and is one of the most dynamic areas of research and development on the planet. Between lighting tools, mix decks, microphones and a multitude of other items, keeping track of it all can be challenging but there is always the opportunity to specialise in one aspect.

Endless Audio-Visual Opportunities

From video conferencing to live concerts and everything in between, the opportunities that exist in the audio-visual industry are endless. Entry into this career doesn’t always require that you have formal training with many internships and mentoring programs available but if it’s important to you to have a qualification, then pursuing academically into digital media and audio-visual technology is an option with many courses available from universities and technical colleges. Eventually, a potential audio-visual technician can open a world of opportunities by pursuing a bachelor’s in communications or broadcasting.

The Responsibilities of the Audio-Visual Technician

One of the most common responsibilities of an audio-visual technician is installation of systems in a practical and efficient way; naturally this requires in-depth knowledge of electronics, acoustics and other auxiliary factors. The salary of an audio-visual technician can vary widely depending on the amount of responsibilities and expertise needed for individual jobs. One can go freelance or work for a firm so the options are flexible to suit anyone’s lifestyle. The life of an audio-visual technician is often enriching to those who appreciate entertainment or live events, so if this sounds appealing to you then do not hesitate.

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Eugene Calvini is an avid admirer of the work an audio visual company can accomplish for the entertainment industry; he enjoys sharing his admiration with the world.

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