Top 5 Medical Careers with Highest Growth Prospects

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Finding a career in the medical field is a great way to ensure that you have job opportunities in the future. In a difficult economy, securing a position in a career field that is set to grow is a wise decision. While others may be struggling to find jobs, you can take comfort in the fact that you will always have job opportunities. Here are five medical careers with high growth prospects that can help you not only survive, but thrive, in a difficult economy.

1. Nurses

There are over 2.5 million nurses who currently work in the healthcare field. You would think that because of this high figure, there is no longer a great demand for nurses. The contrary is true. Even though nurses make up 15 percent of all jobs in the workforce, there will be a greater demand for nurses in ten years. Career prospects are set to grow by at least 25 percent by 2016. One of the other benefits of pursuing a career in the nursing field is the variety of opportunities that are available. One can become a nurse at any level in the health care field. If one wants a job with minimal responsibilities, then there are opportunities that provide individuals with the opportunity to work on a part-time basis.

2. Medical Assistants

Instead of hiring full-on doctors, many hospitals will begin to hire medical assistants in the future. There is a 36 percent growth increase projected for this field. Very few educational degree requirements are in place for this profession. This also makes it an attractive career option for people who may not have the funds to pursue an education for four or more years.

3. Hospice care

Hospice care takers who visit the homes of elderly people will be in great demand in the future. Because the baby boomers are all entering their retirement years, they are requiring the help of hospice care workers. This field is expected to grow by at least 50 percent in the upcoming years. This career field is attractive also for its minimal educational requirements. One does not even have to have a college degree in order to begin taking care of elderly people in a community. Private hospices, however, may require that an individual have some sort of training or degree.

4. Medical transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for transferring information from doctors to pharmacies. They may also help with the intake of patients. Because more patients are going to be requiring medication in the future due to the expanded rights in the health care legislation, there will be an increased demand for medical transcriptionists. Medical transcriptionists only need to pursue one or two years of college coursework.

5. Physical therapist

Physical therapists will have high growth prospects due to the increasing number of patients who will require physical therapy in the future. Because more patients will be able to receive physical therapy through their insurance plans, there will be more patients who desire to sign up for appointments with physical therapists. Physical therapists may find that they can open up their own clinics in the future if they stick with this profession. One of the attractive aspects of physical therapy is that a person can work on a flexible and part-time basis.

These five medical careers have some of the highest growth prospects for the future. If you want to get an edge on the competition in the health care field, then choose one of these particular careers to set yourself apart. You will be able to always find a job in these career fields. is a medical billing service based in Michigan.

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