Transferring From Community College To University

by A Guest Author

More and more students are seeking to transfer from Community Colleges to Universities. Our workers at Writing Job Online also had such issues and this is why today we'll try to give you a few tips about this.

Transferring to a University is an exciting step forward in your academic career. However it needs to be managed correctly. To avoid disappointment and last minute crisis you should plan well in advance.

Changing your school is not a light step. It has far reaching consequences therefore it must be undertaken responsibly. The first step you should take is to investigate the admission policies of a few universities you would like to transfer to.

Some universities accept all credits from accredited community colleges, but not all of them do, and some will only accept specific courses, whilst others will not accept any. You must also confirm that your community college is accredited otherwise your transfer will not be accepted by the university. This means your college must be recognized by a regional, national or a professional agency. When you sign up for courses at a community college make sure you select ones that can be transferred.

There are articulation agreements available from many universities. These define the specific details regarding transfer. They will tell you exactly what subjects you should take and what grades you need to make. You can track these down on the Internet.

Choose your major as early as possible and make sure the courses you take relate to that field of study. Then work diligently. Ensure your grades are high as this will guarantee you a place in some state universities and will show any university that you are dedicated to your academic career. Visit the universities you are interested in. Do not just work online. Call at their admissions offices and ask them for exact details of what they require.

Make sure your finances are in order. There are various options to choose from however this must not be left to the last minute. There is no point to being accepted then finding out you cannot afford the fees. When visiting the Admissions offices also talk to the financial aid offices at the universities. If you require financial assistance you can also search for such on the Internet.

Finally when you have sufficient credits you need to make your application. Be sure to apply to the Institution and the program course. Do not assume because you apply to one the other automatically will accept you. The university will tell you what documentation they require. Ensure you adhere to their instructions strictly as they have many applications and will not want to be chasing you for missing paperwork.

Your future will be enhanced by transferring to a university from community college. There are many people seeking a place in the same university, therefore you must do your preparation well. Especially, focus on your choice of major, subjects taken at the community college, and your grades. These are the foundational issues which then need to be followed up with timely application and sufficient financial aid.

This post was written by A Guest Author

This post was written by a guest author. If you have high quality, useful information to share with students, send us an email or click Write For Us to learn more. And in case you're wondering - yes, you can promote yourself in this fancy author byline.

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