Transferring To Penn State From Community College [The 2-Year Plan]

by Chad Agrawal

Transferring to Penn State from Community CollegeDo you want to transfer to Penn State from community college? If so, you'll probably be in need of a step-by step transfer guide. Aside from submitting the transfer admissions application and required supplemental materials, you need a strong track record at community college to help you get accepted as a Penn State transfer student.

Luckily, transferring from community college to university is not a new concept. Thousands of students have been transferring to Ivy League, Tier 1 and other respectable schools like Penn State every year! And this community college guide offers you the step-by-step plan you're looking for.

Why Transfer To Penn State University

While there are over 20 community colleges in Pennsylvania (not including Penn State's very own 2-year campuses known as Commonwealth Campuses), Penn State University accepts community college transfers from anywhere in the US. In their free Penn State Transfer Facts pdf (which can be download instantly by clicking on the link), they highlight offering over 160 baccalaureate degree majors and 1,200 student organizations.

However, you should not be transferring to Penn State just because of the sheer number of majors and organizations offered to you. Remember to consider quality over quantity. First, you should take the time to figure out what you really want to get out of the experience, and which options you would like to have after graduation. Do you want to pursue a career as a medical professional, businessman or attorney? You are not going to actually take 160 majors or join 1,200 student organizations. You will probably have one major and join a few organizations. So, the first step is to weigh out different options and decide which one fits you best.

How To Transfer From Community College

Next, you need a plan that works. You can sit down and develop a plan yourself, but there's also the option of learning from someone else's experience. Either way, you should go in with a detailed plan of what to do while attending community college in order to transfer to Penn State University successfully. There are many small, yet significant actions you should be taking that you might not have thought about. A community college transfer guide will give you a strong guideline that has been tested over and over again by many transfer students.

Using this community college guide, you'll have a proven plan to achieve a 2-year transfer to Penn State from community college. Other students have used this same plan to transfer to Ivy League successfully, and the same can work for you. Simply click the link above to learn more and get on your way to transferring to Penn State University.

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Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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