What are Community Colleges?

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Attending to a traditional college is not an assurance of having a successful career. In fact, a university taught college graduate would still struggle finding a job just like those who have either graduated from community colleges or the many others that has to find work right after high school. But then, not attending college worsens the odds.

A lot may think that going to a community college means being inferior against those who are going to study in universities and four- year colleges. Credibility is not measured with the choice of college but rather with the kind of education that a person had and the tantamount skills that were learned while at school.

Why choose community colleges?

Deciding to go to community colleges rather than attending a regular university for a four-year degree course may be one of the best decisions for a high school fresh grad. Among the many reasons, the best is that with a community college, the cost of education is much lesser. Starting the first two years in a community college is a great jump-start for a fruitful college education without worrying about the cost.

Other reasons why it is recommended to attend to a community college includes:

  1. Schedules are flexible which enables the students to attend to other obligations like a part- time job in the mornings with the classes on evenings. This flexibility is uncommon with a traditional university where students should have their education to attend to, full- time.
  2. You are leaning towards a career that do not require a Bachelor’s degree. Service careers and many technical jobs usually do not need people who are lavishly educated at universities. Instead, they require anyone who has the skills to do the job. Knowledge over the technical aspects can easily be provided with the specialized training and education available at community colleges.
  3. As a preparation for a four- year college transition. A university life may come as a shock to a lot of students fresh from high- school. The pressure of finishing a degree is too much to handle and not to mention the increasing difficulty of school works and other demanding factors like teachers and major subjects. With a community college, anyone can think of it as a training ground, a safe place to familiarize what college life is all about. It is where one can build academic skills and be more than ready to take the challenges of a traditional college.
  4. Community colleges offer serious students with grants that could support the entirety of educational fees. This is a great help for students that are facing a great deal of financial challenges but is very much eager to gain an education.
  5. Graduates from community colleges fare very well against bachelor’s degree holders. Many community colleges like Houston Community College (http://www.hccs.edu) and St. Louis Community College (http://www.stlcc.edu/) pride in the fact that they have graduates that are industry leaders and are truly remarkable on their fields of study. There are a lot of career opportunities for the graduates as they are well- equipped both in knowledge and skills thanks to the hundreds of certificate and degree programs designed to make the students excel on their chosen careers.

Community college graduates possess a passport to job opportunities like no other. Technically, even multi-billion dollar companies like Boeing and Lockheed, among others, are recruiting skilled employees from the very backyard of community colleges. The trainings that are undergone in these colleges ensure students that they have the necessary skills to get the job done. Those who graduate from the allied medical courses are being hired by Hospitals for their expertise in the field. Likewise, famous construction companies nationwide are seeking those who complete an engineering course to be part of their workforce.

More than providing educational assistance to the disadvantaged, community colleges aim for a much noteworthy goal. With the economy being unpredictable, it is wise to have the youth be prepared or what lies ahead. Unemployment is a huge problem that should not be regarded by the government alone. With the help of community colleges, a lot more people are able to prepare for a gainful employment, with the help of university-level materials but at a much affordable cost.

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