Who is Paul Ryan?

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Who is Paul Ryan?

Pretty soon everyone will see Republicans sporting Romney-Ryan custom pins because of a major announcement that was made recently. Romney declared that he had chosen Paul Ryan, a 42 year old House Budget Committee chairman, as his running mate for the upcoming Presidential election. Prior to becoming a budget committee member, Ryan represented his home state of Wisconsin as a House Representative for 14 years.

Great Risks Yield Great Rewards

Many Americans don’t seem to know much about this man who was recently thrown into the limelight, but he has been around the political world for quite some time. Those that are familiar with him feel that Romney made a bold, but risky choice when naming Ryan as the potential next Vice President of the United States.

Many political followers know Ryan because of his focus on fixing the national debt. Further, he is for making deep cuts in government spending and lowering taxes. He also has spoken out multiple times about Obama’s Health Reform Law.

Romney most likely chose Ryan because of his roots in Wisconsin. This state is an important battleground for Romney and Ryan may help him win the state over. Further, Ryan’s age may work to Romney’s advantage as he is having problems winning over young voters. Ryan is thought to shake up the race with his high energy and unique campaign methods.

Mixed Feelings

Some are knocking Romney’s pick because of Ryan’s lack of foreign policy experience. Further, some feel that Ryan is like a fine wine that hasn’t been given enough time to age yet. Some political experts feel that Ryan would be a great Vice Presidential pick ten years from now and that he is just too inexperienced at this point in his career. The campaign trail is going to be a great opportunity for supporters and non-supporters to see if indeed Ryan is ready for this race.

Ryan also appears to mirror Romney’s conservative values. He is against gay marriage and the right of gay couples to adopt. Further, he did not support the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell bill. This is all great news for conservatives looking for someone to represent their values.

It is going to be very interesting for all to watch this campaign as it rolls out. Most Republicans think Romney-Ryan has a nice ring to it and are eager to get their hands on those custom pins so they can show support for their party and the Vice Presidential pick.

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