College Majors for Future Trade Show Planners in New York

by A Guest Author

If you are living in New York and considering becoming a part of the trade show industry or becoming an event planner, you are in luck! Not only are there many business opportunities in New York, there are plenty of higher education institutions to study your trade. Did you know New York City alone has over 80 colleges or higher education institutions? If you are interested in breaking into the trade show industry or you are already employed, getting a degree can only help you further your career.

A college major a lot of event planners or trade show planners seek is Public Relations. A Public Relations degree can help you find the best way to present yourself and your organization in a positive light. Often, you not only go out to trade shows as a PR person, but you would also give formal statements for interviews and become the voice of your company.

Another great major is Hotel, Hospitality, or Restaurant Management. Sure, you can manage a restaurant without a degree, but if you want to manage an upscale restaurant or hotel, a degree is necessary. Not only will you learn valuable skills in human resources and finance, but your will also communication skills. Once you become a hotel manager, you can help assist others set up for trade shows at the hotel, or even set up some of your own trade shows elsewhere.

Motels often provide an important service to anyone working in the trade show industry. Although most people arrive with their own products, carrying cases, displays, and such, the motel can accommodate those at the show. Motel managers will see to it if anyone needs rooms, oversee whether food is provided, and make sure tables and chairs are available.

Many college students that enjoy planning events seek a degree in Communications. This degree can actually help in a number of areas of the student’s life. Not only will the student learn how to become a better communicator, the student can often learn about public speaking and the best way to convey a message to an audience. When working with trade shows, public speaking and knowing your target audience can be essential. A Communications degree is certainly a great idea.

A Business degree is an excellent degree for anyone going into the business world. New York is known for its businessmen and businesswomen, and New York’s colleges offer many Business degree options. While majoring in Business, students take a wide variety of classes. Some of these classes include very practical finance and accounting courses. Typically, communication classes are also included in the curriculum because it is so important for anyone in business to be a great communicator. Because of these requirements, an event planner or trade show industry specialist would certainly benefit from having a Business degree.

Of course, aside from higher education, event planners need other important items to function well in the trade show industry. A positive, can-do attitude is best for anyone working with the public. A pleasant, professional appearance will pull attendees over to your display to learn more about your company. Also, a great display is needed to attract attention. You will need many different types of cases to fully transport your displays and products, such as a graphics case, a rolling case with drawers, and ATA cases. Furthermore, the crowds always love food, so some small chocolates or mints is always a way to attract trade show attendees. Don’t forget the most important part of the trade show – samples of your products and/or brochures showing what you offer. Last but not least, it never hurts to have a clever giveaway.

With a little help from a New York college or university, and a great attitude, you are likely to find yourself with a great job in the trade show industry and planning events in no time. Good luck to you!

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This post was written by A Guest Author

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