Community College Before University Is Perfectly Awesome, Right?

by A Guest Author

If you're thinking about community college vs. university, you'll want to think about the following benefits of going to community college before university.

These four benefits will should help make your decision easier.

4 Main Benefits of Going to a Community College Before University

Save Money on Tuition and by Living at Home

Studying at a community college prior to finishing your bachelor’s degree in four years’ time can save you a substantial amount of hard cash.

Tuition and fees at public community colleges are at a lesser average as compared with half of those at public four-year colleges and approximately one-tenth of those attending at private four-year colleges, as stated by the American Association of Community Colleges.

In addition, a sizable chunk of college expenses at four-year colleges are just for room and board.

Besides the fact that transferring is not easy, staying at home could save students a lot of money on living expenses.

Complete Your Basic Requirements

You are going to need to comply with the standard graduation requirements and get them out of the way no matter what it takes.

Community colleges are a great option to earn these credits.

The teaching staff at community colleges has a propensity to concentrate more on lecturing than studying, in this way you can acquire help in the branches of learning you are having a hard time with.

More often than not, the majority of the students see the general education kinds of courses are frequently the toughest among the courses offered in their educational experience.

After having registered in a four-year college, you can start thinking about the classes you want to sign up for as part of your major, instead of using up time, money and effort on the classes you must take.

Time to Define Your Major

Countless students are clueless on what to major in after graduating from high school.

Two-thirds of the students are likely to shift majors no less than once in the midst of their college careers.

Community colleges are ideal for delving into your fields of interest before you commit to a major.

Paying less per credit will save you more money than what you would pay at a four-year college while you maximize your time in exploring available options.

An Opportunity to Boost Your GPA

If you do not belong to the top of your class in high school, taking classes at a community college can boost your GPA up.

As opposed to a good number of four-year schools, community colleges have an open-door admissions policy where in every student is welcomed not considering past academic performance.

Improving your scholastic record at a community college allows you to accomplish the minimum admissions requisites at four-year colleges and can help show your dedication to a good education.

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