From Community College To Big Time Lawyer – It Can Happen To You Too!

by Chad Agrawal

For a lot of students high school isn’t a big priority for them. Living off the quote “C’s get degrees” likely will get you through high school but makes getting accepted to a four year university a difficult task. Not everyone’s goal in high school is to get into a four year school though as plenty of careers only require trade schools or specialized 1 or 2 year degrees. But what if you want to become a lawyer or a doctor that not only requires a four year degree but additional schooling after that? Community college can simply be the first step to obtaining this goal. I’ll explain more…

Enroll in a local community college

Regardless of the reason why you can’t get accepted into a four year university it’s important that you don’t give up on your dream. Enroll ASAP into your local community college and start taking classes that you know can transfer as equivalent credits to a four year university. You likely won’t be able to do this with all your credits but the more you can do now the easier your journey at a university will be later.

Focusing on a career path of becoming a lawyer will likely steer you towards political science, pre-law or communication type classes in community college. While one of your goals is to prepare yourself to become a lawyer you also need to remember that you’re in community college to improve your GPA enough to get accepted to a four year university – so be careful in selecting your classes.

It’s time for applying to four year universities

You enrolled in community college, took several valuable classes and built up an impressive GPA. It’s time to take the next step and apply to a four year university. While no specific major has been determined to give you an advantage for getting into law school you may seek out the best university for you. Even though no specific degrees are required it’s been suggested that certain pre-law courses could help the transition to law school even easier. There is a blog post about Nine different pre-law courses that have been outlined here.

Once you get accepted you will want to focus on taking several of the above mentioned courses and maintaining your GPA. Your college GPA will be one of the determining factors when looking to enroll into law school. Another large factor will be your LSAT score which you should start looking into so you can learn how to be best prepared to take the LSAT.

Enrolling into Law School

At this time you have gone through community college, graduated undergraduate school and taken the LSAT exam. It’s time to apply to law schools. Once accepted you will go through three years of building your legal knowledge with the intentions of one day taking and passing the bar exam. You will likely graduate from law school and spend the next several months with your nose stuck in a book. It will all pay off the day you get the news that you have passed the bar exam. The bar exam is truly the last big hurdle in your dream of becoming a lawyer. Most states have what’s called a character exam but assuming you’re not hiding anything you will likely be just fine and on your way to becoming a licensed lawyer.

Just because high school may not have been your main priority or sole focus as a kid doesn’t mean your job prospects need to be limited. The journey of becoming a lawyer starting from community college is real and accomplished by individuals all the time. If you want to become a lawyer but don’t know where to start feel free to visit for more details.

This post was written by Chad Agrawal

Chad Agrawal is the founder of CCTS, helping students transfer from community college to Ivy League, tier 1 or anywhere else by following this community college guide.

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