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Every year, thousands of recent high school graduates begin a new life. For some, that means entering the working world. For others, it means going to college, in which incoming freshman find a new way of life. No longer under the rules of their parents, they get to experience freedom. Just how can they make this transition easier? One way is bring the right items. Yes, bring the notebooks and pens, but also bring items that remind you of home, such as pictures of friends and family. Also remember to check out a laptop sale for purchasing the best computer for your needs along with some comfortable bedding.

Set Your Mark

Sharing a small living space can be tough, especially if it is with someone you have never met until the day you move in.  Define your space with things that represent you. If you will be going home frequently, purchase a new bedding set for your bed. Make sure you bring along pillows as well this way you won’t always have to sit at your desk and do work.  Hang up photos of your friends from back home. If you get home sick, you can look at them and think of the memories and stories you have together, and then remember that you’ll be able to see them in a few months.


One must have for every college student is an alarm clock. You don’t want to miss any classes because you overslept. While most students use the alarm on their phone, it is always nice to have backup, especially after those all-nighters.

Another item you don’t want to forget is extension cords and power strips. You may be thinking, "Why do I need these items?" But, dorms can sometimes have outlets in the weirdest places so where you want to place something, you may not be able to. Another reason for the extension cord is for versatility with your laptop. Say you want to work somewhere besides your desk and you don’t have enough battery life left. You can plug the computer you purchased from a laptop sale into the extension cord and be able to work anywhere.

Odds and Ends

A friend received a package from another friend containing items she wished she had brought with her when she went away to college. These were items you wouldn’t think you would need, but they definitely came in handy. These items included 3M tape for hanging posters and pictures, along with hooks to hold belts, towels, and clothes. Another item was a lint brush. You would be surprised how often this was used thanks to college washer and dryer systems. Flip flops. No, these weren’t for walking around and going to class right after rolling out of bed. These were for the showers. Who knows what you could be stepping on in there.

You know all those containers you packed and want to send home with your parents? Don’t! These containers can double as a table or desk, or storage for food or other items you thought you would need but actually don’t.

Make the most out of your living situation. As a college student, you will find you are more resourceful then you initially thought. These are just a few tips and tricks students learned throughout their undergrad experience.  With the new semester starting right around the corner, I hope you find these tips useful.


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This post was written by A Guest Author

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