Great Overseas Jobs and The Qualifications To Make Them Happen

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These days more and more people seem to be leaving their home country for a new life abroad. Some leave because they want to enjoy better weather, while others simply have a country they’ve fallen in love with on their travels. Whatever their reason, individuals will still need to settle down, find somewhere to live and search for a job – just as they would back at home.

If you’re thinking of moving overseas you’ll no doubt be wondering what the job opportunities are like in your chosen destination. Obviously this varies significantly depending on the type of position you’re looking for and the area in which you work.

Here are a few ideas for jobs overseas and the qualifications you need to make your dreams a reality.


Teaching English abroad is a great job and almost anyone can do it. Africa and Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea are popular choices and this gives you the chance to experience the culture on different continents as you teach.

While some people go away for a year, you might find you fall in love with your destination and want to stay much longer or look for a more permanent job teaching in a school.

This is an increasingly popular profession so make sure you do your research and know exactly when to apply if you want to secure yourself a place with a teaching programme. Some places won’t ask you for qualifications to teach abroad, but others will, so check the requirements carefully to see what you need to do.

IT jobs

IT and computers are the same wherever you go, so if you work in this industry already it should be fairly straightforward to find something similar abroad. There are all sorts of exams and qualifications you can look for to try and improve your chances and set you apart from the competition. Microsoft offers certifications for various aspects of IT, such as the private cloud and Windows Server 2012, all of which you can gain by studying and taking exams.

Travel writing

Travel writing is one of the easiest jobs you can do if you want to go abroad and it gives you the chance to see the world – and earn money while you’re doing it. To improve your chances of success you need to show you’re serious about journalism and have a real passion for writing. Even if you studied something relating to journalism or English at higher education level, consider gaining some extra qualifications from an organisation like the American Press Institute. They offer online courses you can complete from the comfort of your own home.

Medical jobs

Every country in the world needs doctors, nurses and dentists and – like IT – this is a field that is universal when it comes to treatments and the way things are done. Obviously though you need to have nursing or doctors qualifications to do this and this involves years of study and training. But if you’re prepared to put in the work, it’s a career that’s well worth it and could see you giving aid in an African village where your help is really needed.

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