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by A Guest Author

I would actually consider myself to be a very selfish person before transferring to Ivy League from community college. I have spent many of my teenage years only really worrying about myself. I could not care if people liked me or not and when anyone at school wanted my help or assistance they would normally get short change from me. I really cannot say why I became such a pain in the butt to people.

I was thoroughly happy to continue this lifestyle as it seemed to keep me clear of people I mostly did not like and it also allowed me to build a brick wall around myself. Of course what you do not realize until too late is that that brick wall keeps people out, but also keeps you in. Thus after a few months or years I had no friends and my emotions were so curtailed I felt like the wall itself.

When I went to college I did not think anything would really change, and I envisaged continuing with my protected life. As boring as the life was getting it was “safe”. The thought of making new friends and even getting a girlfriend was something I had completely dragged away from my thoughts. I suppose I just had become a working and talking machine of sorts.

So I have to tell you that I have now had a huge surprise as an Ivy League transfer. I have found that college has knocked down that wall and very quickly too. It only took a few days of being surrounded by great people who had never met me before to realize I could actually reinvent the real me. I did start to hide behind essay editing or homework that would keep me away from people. But no matter how many times I tried this people would keep knocking on my door and force me to become sociable.

The best thing was that these people were all concerned about me. They wanted me to be sociable and have friends. No matter how I tried to fight this new feeling (or old feeling) I was amazed how quickly the wall collapsed. Now in a few weeks I am out a bars and parties. I have people in the room for music and drinks. I have even met a group of great girls who are really cool. I am not sure if these meetings will lead to having a fantastic girlfriend, but it certainly beats hiding behind those walls and doing essay editing just to avoid human companionship.

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Paul Thompson is pleased to tell everyone that the wall he use to hide behind has totally gone. He has no plans ever to rebild it.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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