How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your Degree

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Did you know you might be eligible for your boss to pay for your tuition? Of course, this is a perk that not all companies offer, but it's a valuable one if you are able to take advantage of it.

If you are already employed and have decided to go back to school, your employer may pay for your entire degree or pay part of your tuition fees. Some employers offer this benefit as a way to incentivize their employees to further their education and to stay up to date in their industry.

Find Out What's Available

Before you approach your boss about tuition reimbursements, see what kinds of programs are already in place at your company. Talk to a human resources employee to find out if there are currently any plans that you can take advantage of. If there aren't any, ask whether or not such plans have ever been considered. You may also want to find out if your employer has a history of helping his or her employees with tuition costs. Also be sure to ask what steps you need to take (if there are any outlined) to be considered for such a benefit.

Prove Your Worth

To be rewarded with such a perk, you'll need to prove to your employer that you are worth it. Pull your weight in the office, and even volunteer to head up projects. The more ways you can find to show your value, the better. Also be sure to track your successes. For example, keep a record of the number of sales you have made, the number of employees your train or the success of programs you have implemented. All these factors may help sway your boss to help pay for your education.

Approach Your Boss

When the right time comes, make an appointment to see your boss. Talk to him or her about your contributions to the company and explain that you would like to be able to help the company even more. Then express your desire to ho back to school, and explain that you aren't considering leaving work but you are interested in what kinds of benefits may be available to you. Your boss will likely be able to tell you what you need to do to qualify for tuition reimbursements, or may be able to help you put together a plan where the company pays for your tuition.

Getting your tuition paid for is an extremely valuable benefit. It means you won't have student loans, you can further your education and you can hone your skills and become even more qualified in your industry.

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