I Have New Energy at College

by A Guest Author

I have to tell you that my reputation at home was of a lazy, non-committal and an unmotivated loser. I never seemed to have any energy or enthusiasm for anything or anybody. I did not really care if I achieved at school or not, but I somehow muddled through school without really trying. I have no doubt my parents were going demented trying to sort me out and push me in a direction of success. I guess they knew I had it in me when I had no idea whatsoever.

I managed to get through school without a sweat and was now being forced by my parents to go to college. I will be honest and say that this was not something on my agenda of life. I was more thinking about staying at home and keeping the TV company. I am so glad that my parents knew more about me than I did.

Now I am at college I have nothing but praise for my mum and dad. This is probably the best thing I have ever done. Nobody here knows I was a lazy guy. Nobody here has ever seen my lack of motivation. Nobody here has seen me behave like a bum. Here in my new college I have been able to completely reinvent myself and have actually become the person I always wanted to be.

I am now the guy who never really stays in his room unless it is for sleep or studying or essay editing. Even then I try to be around my new friends whilst I am studying my books. I have now found that contrary to my own belief I can absorb information and I find that my peers now look up to me and ask advice. This I never did expect and now I am the person with the continuous buzz for life. I want to know and talk about everything. I cannot remember the last time I sat down to watch WWE or played a computer game. I am now mixing with real people.

I have even started to get involved in things like dance classes and I have even signed up to the standby basketball team. Sports of course is something I never ever bothered with before. Now I cannot wait to get out there and enjoy the game. I don’t think I am really competitive but I do want to join in. I have nothing buy fun here and I am going to remember everything I do here in college. I will even look back on essay editing with a smile too. A little smile though.

About The Author:

Paul Summers has moved off the sofa and is no longer a couch potato. He has now found the energy and zest for life that he never knew he had.

This post was written by A Guest Author

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