Innovative Ways to Show Off Your Graduation Class Year

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As we saw with this year’s graduating classes, there are innovative ways to show off your class year.  You are no longer limited to your graduation class year dangling from your graduation cap.  Students can now choose items that fit their personality and style. Graduation objects now include things like clothing, custom lapel pins and jewelry.


Class jackets now come in various styles and you are no longer locked in to the letterman’s style.  Designs include windbreaker, fleece, wool, and cotton.  You can also personalize your jacket to include your name, sports played, and school mascot.  A class jacket is a great piece of memorabilia that will surely be cherished for years to come.

All types of clothing are now being made with students’ graduation year on them.  Sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats, bags, and t-shirts come in many colors and can be made to include the student’s name, school name, and school mascot.  Students love to sport clothing with their graduating year and when theirs is unique to them and their style, they’re even prouder.


Custom lapel pins are a great choice because you can include whatever information you’d like on it.  The most popular style includes the student’s class year and school name, but the possibilities are endless.  Pins are a nice choice because they can be displayed on clothing, backpack, or pin board.


Various types of jewelry are also available that show off your graduation year.  For years it seemed like the only jewelry you could get was a class ring.  These are still available and remain the most popular, but other pieces are available and increasing in esteem.  Personalized necklaces are popular with female students and can be adorned with the student’s favorite or birthstone.  A class key ring is a nice option for male students and because of it being so practical, it can be used forever.

With the many options that are out there for graduating students, don’t settle for the ordinary.  Choose an item and style that fits the personality of the student.  Any graduating student would love to receive one of these as a gift and since each item is unique, they will stand out from their friends.  These items are a great way to commemorate a very important time in the student’s life.  Also, if you know a proud parent of a graduate, items can easily be customized to work for them too.

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